Save me.. (16+)

(*warning VERY! Detailed sexual content)
17 year old , Anna is not the most popular girl in high school. She's a short brunette with hazel nut eyes , who constantly get bullied everyday.

Would that change when she meets a blonde guy named Niall....


7. 💕chapter 6💕


Brittney pushed me, back into the wall, kissing my lips harshly, her hands wrapped around my neck. I kinda enjoyed it.

Fuck! No Niall snap out of it.

I pushed her back. "NO, stop I shouted,I ran and went out of the school. I had to go explain to Anna,

I got in my car and drove to Anna's. I felt tears coming in my eyes, I love her to much to let her go.

Anna's POV;

I pressed the point of the razor in my skin. I stopped. I thought

"Why did I fall for him?" He was a player, I should of listened to my brother. I just love him, he looked like he was enjoying the kiss".

I started to sob, I grabbed the razor and started to cut, I watched the blood drip on my carpet. I had about 15 cuts,they stopped at my elbow.

I heard the front door open,

Then I heard running,until mg door opened, I saw Niall Standing there. He rushed towards me,

"Anna,what did you do!" He said.

Go back with that FUCKING SLUT! I spat

Niall's eyes started getting puffy,and red.

"Anna, please let me explain please". I saw a tear trickle down his eye.

"Speak" I said. I felt so bad I wanted him to know that I forgive him, I was being a bitch.

" she pushed me into my locker,she started kissing me, I tried pushing her away, but her hands were in my hair. If I pulled away she, pulled harder. The I saw you" and she started kissing me more harshly, I'm sorry I love you! And only you please forgive me ANNA please." He dismissed talking, he was crying now.

I was crying to, just seeig him like this broke my heart.

I kissed him, I kissed him, to show him I forgave him, I put my hand behind his neck, and played with his hair. I was still kissing him,until I paused and took a deep breath, I looked at him in his eyes,

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" I said in sobs,"no I'm the one who's supposed to say sorry".

I look into his eyes, and kiss him, this time more passionable, he pulled me down to the floor and I wrapped my feet around his waist. We kissed for a long time, I bit his lip and he moaned, I smirked on his lips.

He lifted me up, and laid me on my bed, not breaking the kiss, he got on top of me.

"Niall I can't, my arm hurts and it's bleeding", I said. He looked at my wrist and got up.

"ANNA!" He grabbed my arm gently, and kissed all my cuts, "am I the reason you did this? He said.

I nodded I felt tears come to my eyes,

"I'm so sorry" he said. And got up, and went to the restroom. He came back with some band aids and alcohol (not the drink ;p), Niall grabbed my arm and started to dam a paper towel in the alcohol. "It's going to hurt babe" Niall told me he held my free arm. He slowly started rubbing the alcohol in my cuts, I bit my lip and squeezed nialls hand. "Shh don't worry it's okay,"

He finished and wrapped ,a big band aid around my arm. Niall picked me up and put me on the bed once again . This time he laid down neck to me, and cradled me in his arms his chin on my head. I breathed in the smell of his shirt, he smelled like nandos, I laughed.

We drifted off to sleep,cuddling, holding each other.


Nialls POV;

I woke up in a violet colored room, I sat up and looked to my side. There was ANNA,sleeping, I leaned over and pecked her lips, I saw her smile. "Good morning beautiful" I said to her , she sat up and said "good morning handsome" she smiled and kissed my lips.

She pulled away and reached out to grab her glasses, she put them on. "You look beautiful" I told her,she smiled and pushed her glasses up.

"Babe I'm hungry" , I said and gave her the puppy dog face. "Let's go downstairs, I'll cook something". She said and smiled. " race yah" I told her and winked, "your on Irish kid" she said. We ran downstairs and I beat her,

"In your face!" I shouted, I guess you have to cook I told her with a smirk in my face.

"Ugh fine, I'll make some eggs,bacon, and rice, is that okay?" She said. I nodded and went to make some coffee.

I set the mugs on the table, and leaned on the table. Anna looked so cute, in her short shorts, I went behind her and wrapped my hands on her waist, while she was cooking. I put my head on her left shoulder, "it smells good" I said. I let go of her waist and slapped her ass, she smirked "Niall! Calm your tits" she said, I laughed. "I can't cAlm them,but I bet you can" I said, she turned around and leaned on the counter, "if that's what you ask for" she said. She turned around once more and turned off the stove.

" bet you can't turn me on" I said playfully,

" let's see about that" she walked towards me,and pushed me towards the wall, she placed her hands on my ass. She kissed my neck, sucking it and then blowing on it, I squirmed, that felt so fucking good! "Dayum Niall, are you tha horny that fast?" She teased " no mam" I said and smirked. She pushed me towards the couch and I laid down. Both of her legs, were on both of my sides she leaned and kissed me, she kissed me seductively , she bit my lip, FUCK! That turned me on. I put both of my hands on her ass (she had a nice ass, those squats are really helping) I thought to myself, she inserted her tongue in my mouth and both of our tongues played together. She did some weird thing with her tongue that turned me on.

"Anna I want you!" I said, my lips still pressed on hers. She stopped and looked at me "your wish is my command" she said with a smirk,she took off her glasses and placed them on the table.

She took her top off, and began kissing my neck, doing the same thing she did before. Every kiss she gave me, kept going lower and lower, she stopped and got to my pants. She unbuttoned them and looked at my bulge she smiled, and pulled down my boxers, she put her hand on my penis and moved her Hand up and down, then she started sucking on the tip. It turned me on so much! I pulled her up and flipped her, so that way I was on top, I took off my shirt. She started rubbing my abs. If she wants to play that game, then we'll see who wins, I motioned for her to sit up, I kissed her and wrapped my hands around her stomach. I tried to get her bra off, then click her bra loosened,she took it off, revealing her breast, they were medium sized. She laid back down, I started to kiss her, Neck like she had done to me, then lead a trail of kisses down her stomach.

I got to her shorts. I pulled them down and started to rub my thumb in her panties, she moved her hips, I smirked, I pulled down her underwear. I inserted 2 fingers inside and started fingering her vagina. She was tight. this is going to be fun. I took my fingers out and started licking her vagina, she moaned

"Oh Niall" she said

I took off my pants and my boxers, we were both completely naked.

"Niall let's go upstairs" she said

I nodded

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

We got to her room, I pushed her up against the wall, I pushed my penis inside of her, she started to claw her nails in my back, I went faster, her feet still around my waist.


Niall went faster, and faster, giving me pleasure, I softly bit his earlobe. He stopped and looked at me, " I love you so much "

I got off him and pushed him on the bed, I looked down and started to suck the tip of his penis he moaned " oh Anna, you know your stuff".

After that a lot of of other stuff happend."

-the morning-

I woke up and Niall wasn't next to me, I yelled his name, no response, I went downstairs and saw Mary, Niall was on the floor next to her unconscious

"Miss me"? She said with an evil grin



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