Duantless and divergent

Have you ever wondered what would happen if there were groups that you we're put in, called fractions that were all based on character? We'll maybe you have maybe you haven't bit this is what it would be like.


1. duantless

Being Duantless isn't about being fearless it's about being brave when it really counts. I was by the chasm looking over the railing and remembering when that girl...Christina had to hang onto the rail. I swear I thought she was gonna die, exspecially those times when her hands slipped off the rails. The memory faded once jack tapped my shoulder.


"Oh, hi." I said smiling as I turned around. His light blue eyes bore into mine and I smiled, I just couldn't help it.


"Nothin I'm just smiling."

" ya sure" he said. He picked me up by my waist and hauled me over his shoulder. I screamed and then he started poking my sides which made me giggle. He walked me to the initiate dormitory and he plopped me down on the top bunk and started tickling my stomach. And I laughed till I couldn't breathe.

"So later me, Cally,Zack, and like are going to go zip lining off the hob, wanna come?"

"Wouldn't miss it!" I said smiling. Jack pushed a strand of my long black hair out of my eye and pushed it gently behind my ear. I smiled and pushed jack back a little and and jumped off the top bunk and then, grabbed Jacks hand and led him back to the pit. Roxy was standing by the chasm and beckoned us to come over. Jack pointed to his back and leaned forward and I jumped on and wrapped my arms around his neck, resting my chin on his right shoulder. We walked over to roxy and she just stood there looking into nothingness. I looked at jack and he just shrugged his shoulder.

"Hey Roxy." I said breaking the silence.

"Hi" she mumbled as she looked over the chasm. The water roared as I splashed against the sharp rocks down below.

"Why do you look so depressed?" I asked she shook her head and said

"I just heard that my brother shot someone with a gun that he brought with him when he left Duantless. And he's gonna be punished. I don't know how but I have the felling it's going to be something bad considering he is in Amity."

"What did the guy do that got him shot?"

"My brother, Alek and a transfer from candor got in a a fight because the transfer, was yelling Alek about how Duantless were the cruelest faction. I always new that Alek couldn't be amity."

"It'll be alright, tonight we're going ziplinig right? That'll be fun right?"


"And you shouldn't be moping about him you're with us now!" Jack exclaimed.

"Ya I guess you're right."

"Ok now, what are we going to do?"p

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