Darcy Stylinson

I have always been different and picked on because I have two dads but there is nothing different about me.


2. Chapter 2

I wake up the next morning and my daddy, Harry puts me in the bath tub and washes my hair and body and dresses me in a white and blue striped shirt and a black skirt and he gives me one of his beanies and takes me out to the car and sets my bag and jacket next to me and closes the door after buckling me up and then he gets in and drives me to school. We arrive and my daddy gets out of the car and holds my hand and takes me inside. I trace the tattoos on his lower arm with my finger and he takes me to the office. “Daddy, am I in trouble?” I ask but he shakes his head. “Just sit out here.” He says and I nod and I sit in the yellow chair and look through my bag and then I hear shouting and I turn and my daddy is pointing his finger in my principal’s face and I go and open the door. “Daddy?” I ask and he looks at me. “Darcy, go outside.” He says but I just stare at him. “Darcy, out,” he says and I leave and close the door and sit in the chair and just wait. “Darcy, go to class, I will see you after school, and you just tell the principal if those kids pick on you again, ok?” Daddy asks me and I nod. “I love you Darcy.” He says and I smile. “I love you too daddy.” I say and he kisses my head and leaves and I walk to my classroom and I put my bag on the hook and sit at my desk. “Darcy, why are you late?” Ms. Erickson asks and I look at her. “My daddy was talking to the principal.” I say and she nods. “Well, it’s circle time.” She says and I go over and sit down, by myself. She starts showing us cards with addition problems on them and I raise my hand and tell her the answers. We get some paint and I put on a little apron and I put my hand in pink paint and put it on the paper. I write my name at the bottom and walk up to Ms. Erickson’s desk and put it on there. “Guess what.” She says and I look at her. “What?” I ask, smiling. “There is a new boy.” She says and I smile. “Cool.” I say, giggling and she smiles and I sit down. “Class, we have a new student.” Ms. Erickson says and I smile. She opens the door and a little boy with brown hair and blue eyes. “This is Michael.” She says and he walks inside and waves shyly. “Recess,” she says and the kids pile out of the classroom and outside. “Darcy, will you show Michael around?” Ms. Erickson asks and I nod. I lead him to my desk and he puts his stuff down and I walk him around school and then back to the classroom. “Want to stay inside?” I ask but he shakes his head. “Can we go outside?” He asks and I nod. We go outside and I sit in my corner and he looks at me. “Why aren’t you playing?” He asks and I shrug. “I don’t want to be made fun of.” I say and he sits next to me. “Why would you be made fun of?” He asks, looking towards the swing set. “I have two daddies and that makes me different.” I say, looking at the ground. “No, it doesn’t.” He says and I look at him and he smiles. “I have two mummies.” He says and I smile. “What’s their names?” I ask, picking at the grass. “Susan and Kendra, what are your daddies’ names?” He asks and I smile. “Louis and Harry,” I say and he smiles. “Here.” He says and hands me a yellow sunflower. “Thank you.” I say, giggling and blushing. “People were mean to me too.” He says and I giggle and kiss his cheek and I get up and so does he and he grabs my hand and we walk to the swing set and I sit down and he pushes me. “Come inside kids!” Ms. Erickson calls and I get off of the swing and we run inside and I go to my cubbie and grab my color sheet and crayons and I sit down and Ms. Erickson gives Michael a paper too and I put the crayons between us and he starts coloring. “Time to clean up!” Ms. Erickson says and she sings the clean up song and we put our stuff in our cubbies. I put my jacket on and my bag and I put my daddy’s beanie on and I pick up the sunflower. I walk outside with Michael and I see my daddy, Louis and I run up to him. “Hi honey, how was school?” He asks, poking my nose. “I got a new friend.” I say, hugging him. “He has two mummies!” I say and he smiles. “Darcy!” I turn and Michael is running up to me with a woman holding his hand. “Darcy, this is my mummy, Kendra.” He says and I look up at Ms. Erickson. “Ms. Erickson?” I ask and she smiles. “See, you have no reason to be ashamed of having two dads.” She says and she looks at my daddy. “Hi, I am Kendra.” She says, shaking his hand. “I am Louis.” He says and I smile. “I have been making sure the kids leave them alone.” She says and he nods. “Thank you, are you Darcy’s teacher?” My daddy asks and she nods. “Well, I am taking Darcy out for ice cream, would you like to join us?” My daddy asks and she smiles. “Would you like that Michael?” Ms. Erickson asks Michael. “Yes!” He says, smiling at me and she smiles and goes back to her car and daddy puts me in the back and I show him the flower Michael gave me and he smiles and then he gets in and drives.

“She is a great kid.” Ms. Erickson tells my daddy and I grab Michael’s hand and we run to the swings and I sit down and he pushes me and then he sits down and starts swinging. “This is fun!” He says and I smile. “I know!” I exclaim and he laughs. It starts getting dark and we get off of the swings and walk over to our parents. “See you Monday Darcy.” Ms. Erickson says and I hug Michael and we go to our car and drive home. “We’re home!” I call, dropping my bag on the ground and running to the living room where my daddy is asleep on the couch. I trot over and play with his hair. I climb up onto his chest and yawn and close my eyes and fall asleep.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies!! Alright, she is now moving to middle school :) -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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