Darcy Stylinson

I have always been different and picked on because I have two dads but there is nothing different about me.


11. Chapter 11

The next morning, my phone wakes me up. I open my eyes and pull it to my ear after hitting the answer button. "Someone better be dying or dead." I groan, rubbing my eyes. "Ms. Stylinson?" A mature woman's voice says on the other line. "This be her." I say, sitting up. "This is Mrs. Billings, the principal at Tommy's school." She says and I am fully awake now. "What's going on?" I ask, getting up. "Well, we were trying to get your parents to answer but they didn't." She explains and I rush to their room. "Well I am his older sister Darcy, what's going on?" I ask, putting my hand on the doorknob. "Well, Tommy got into a fight, he didn't fight back but he is severely injured." She exclaims and I throw open my dads' door and they are lying there sleeping. "I will be right there." I say, hanging up and rushing over to their bed. I begin to shake my dad, Louis. His eyes pop open and looks at me. "What?" He asks and I bite my lip. "Tommy got into a fight, he didn't fight back but he is hurt." I say and he gets up waking up my other dad. "What's going on?" He asks and I look at my other dad. "Tommy's hurt, come on Harry, get up." My dad says and they stumble around getting dressed and I get dressed and we rush to Tommy's school. 

"Tommy?!" I shout and his head shoots up and his nose is bleeding and his eye is black and he has cuts all over his face. "Who did it?" My dad, Harry asks. "Mr. Stylinson?" Mrs. Billings walks out. Both of my dads' heads shoot up and my dad, Harry gets up. "You let this happen to my son?" He asks, his voice raising. "Now sir, calm down." She says and I grab Tommy, pulling him into a hug. "No, I will not calm down! My son is injured and you are telling me to calm down?!" He exclaims and I flinch. "Dad." I say and he looks at me, his face softening. "I'm sorry." He says, looking back at Mrs. Billings. They go into her office and my dad, Tommy and I sit on the bench. A couple walks in with a boy behind them and I feel Tommy stiffen beside me. That kid is familiar. I pull Tommy against me, stroking his hair. They enter the office and soon there is shouting. 

"Are you okay Tommy?" My dad asks from the front seat. "My nose hurts." He says and I kiss his head. "We will put ice on it when we get home." I say and he nods. We get home and I take Tommy in and put some ice on his nose and he lies on the couch. The doorbell rings so I go and answer the door. "Nash and... Why is he here?" I ask, looking to the kid that beat up Tommy. "He came to apologize. I didn't know he beat up your little brother...." Nash says and I bite my lip. "I don't want my brother to get up so just come back later." I say and he nods. They leave and I lean against the door. Of freaking course.

Authors Note

So, finally updated this. How was it? -Over&&Out

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