30,000 feet up

Ella is a 16 year old girl on her way to Brazil when a flight attendant asks her to accompany a male celebrity passenger, who is requesting company for the next 10 hours of the flight. She is shocked to find that the male celebrity is none other than Harry Styles. How can she manage to hold her self together when all she wants to do is fangirl over this member of the biggest boyband in the world.

*Authors Note.*
Just wanted to say that I came up the idea for this fanfic, when my father told me that the same thing happened to my grandfather back in the 80's. Only he was going to visit with Bill Cosby instead of Harry Styles


11. Oxygen

The sun had set hours ago. neither of us had bothered to say a word since the cot had been brought into the room. The tension had grown. you could smell it in the air.

"We should probably try and get some sleep" Harry said, breaking the eery silence that had swallowed the room hours before hand.

"Uh." I paused. putting my weight on my hands slowly pulling my body out if the chair. I had been sitting there so long my legs felt like dead weight, and my ass was numb. "yeah. I guess your right" I forced a smile, knowing that it never reached my eyes.

"you have a pretty smile" he stated.

I felt heat rise up from my neck into cheeks and the tips of my ears. I didn't blush easily. at the moment I was happy that it was dark in the room so he couldn't see my skin turn red. "Thanks." My voice squeaked, causing me to turn even redder


I had been lying on the cot listening to Harry snore for a good hour, staring out the large bay window. All I could think about was Harry, and how awful it would be if it got out that he lost his memory. The world would be chaos. It might even be the beginning of World War III.

Unlike the last night I spent with Harry, I was praying to go to sleep and have my mom wake me up for school. But I knew that I was not that lucky. I finally lulled to sleep by Harry's light snores an hour later.


"NO!" someone shouted, breaking me from my fitful sleep.

My mind not fully functioning, I rolled off the small cot onto the cold, sterile, white tailed floor. WHAT IN THE HELL?!? I thought as i pushed myself off the floor.

"I WANT TO SEE HIM NOW!" I heard and Irish voice shout.

It hit me like a train. The past 48 hours rushing back to me with the fouce of a broken dam. I fell back to the cot, forcing my head between my knees. It was too much. My head was pounding. It wasn't a dream, no nightmare. It was real. I was FU.CKING REAL! 

"Is that him?" HIS voice broke through the soundproof barrier I had built. "Is that Neil?" He asked.

"Niall" I chuckled, causing my head to hurt even more. "His name is Niall. and yes that's him."

I forced myself off the hard surface and walked across the room to the door. I felt his eyes on me the entire 10 step journey across the room.

I pressed my ear to the door, listening for a sign that every thing was OK. There was absolute silence. I pulled my head off the wooden door, my skin painfully sticking to the slick door. I hesitantly put my hand on the knob. I took a breath, holding it till my lungs burned from the lack of oxygen, and turned. The door swung open. I was left standing awkwardly in the doorway.

I turned my head, looking to my right. I cought the stares of Niall. His blond hair sticking up in random directions, dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep.

My lungs were flaming now. my vision getting cloudy. I let the air out in a rush, but it stayed out. My body forgetting how to inhale. The spots in my vision increasing. Breath In you idiot! I thought to myself. My knees were getting week. I reached for the door frame just as my body remembered that it needed the element of Oxygen to survive. The black spots in my vision reducing in numbers. My head was pounding even worse now.

I felt the bile rising in my throat. I ran toward the rest room, hand over my mouth to keep from spilling the contents of my stomach about the hospital floor. I barely made it to the toilet at my body heaved. I collapsed, resting my head on the wall. I let my lids shut, the fluorescent lights hurting my eyes.

I heard the door of the restroom creak open. I didn't bother to look who it was. I knew it was the nurse. "Are you OK?"

My eyes shot open, and my heart rate sped. I was wrong. "Are you OK?" He asked again. I heard his shoes shuffling against the floor as he approached.

"I'm fine." I answered, not wanting him any closer to me. 

"I'm Niall by the way." He stated his name, as if someone didn't know who he was. "Just thought you might want to know who was in here with you."

"I know who you are." I snapped. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way. It's just been a rough 48 hours."

"I understand." He said softly, my harsh words having no apparent effect on his attitude toward me.

"I'm Ella" I said as I lifted myself off the floor. "And this is not how I pictured us meeting." I chuckled. 

"Ella?" He asked, his eyes raking my body, taking in my rough appearance. "Well it wasn't under good circumstances that we were meeting in the first place. But" he paused, a scowl deepening into his face. "I'm just happy to meet you is all." he finished a moment later.

"Same goes to you." I smiled, keeping my lips sealed shut, scared of what would we in my teeth. "If you will give me a sec i'll be out in a minute."

"Uh. Yeah" He nodded briskly, backing out of the rest room.

I turned to the mirror. My hair was falling out of its bun in an unattractive way. My skin was shining, and my cloths were wrinkled. I was ashamed of myself. No one in there right mind would meet a member of One Direction like this. But I obviously wasn't. 

I splashed my face with water, rubbing it into my skin, in hops of washing away the past 48 hours.



So... what do ya'll think of the update. Sickish I know. But I wanted to update. I don't like this chapter, personally. Nothing exciting happens, i know. But bare with me, the exciting stuff is coming!

I just wanted to let ya'll know that there will NOT be any smut in this story. For one my mom reads it. (awkward i know). and two because I am a virgin. They say to write what you know. and I don't know about the kind of stuff. I know that it probably doesn't apply here, considering that its fan fiction and all. But still........ 

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