30,000 feet up

Ella is a 16 year old girl on her way to Brazil when a flight attendant asks her to accompany a male celebrity passenger, who is requesting company for the next 10 hours of the flight. She is shocked to find that the male celebrity is none other than Harry Styles. How can she manage to hold her self together when all she wants to do is fangirl over this member of the biggest boyband in the world.

*Authors Note.*
Just wanted to say that I came up the idea for this fanfic, when my father told me that the same thing happened to my grandfather back in the 80's. Only he was going to visit with Bill Cosby instead of Harry Styles


8. Momster

I stared at my phone, not sure what to do. I knew that I should call Jessie, but I didn't have to mental capacity at the moment to process her questions and give her reasonable answers. I continued to stare at my reflection on the now black screen of my phone, knowing good and well that she deserved to know that I broke my wrist. Harry made a loud sound from the bed, startling me, and pulling my head out of my rain cloud of a mind.

"Harry?" I ask quietly. He had woken very few times in the past 5 hours. Each time a result of a nightmare. But he would be passed out again just as fast as he regained his consciousness.

"uuhhmm" Was the only sound to escape his swollen pink lips. I stood and walked over to the side of his bed, taking my place in the chair so I could hold his hand.

"Harry?" I whisper his name in a singsong fashion.

"Ella" He half mumbles my name. His eyes are still closed, but I feel his hand tighten over mine, comforting me. Even though it should be the other way around, somehow I need it, and he knows it.

"Shhh" I say, pushing his hair out of his eyes.He looks younger with it in his face, more innocent. His tuff bad boy persona had disappeared.

"Ellahhhh" he moans again drawing out the H sound in my name.

"I'm here don't worry I'll never leave you" I know that in my heart I would never leave him. Something is telling me that is not possible. He rolls over, my hand still in his grasp. I let my arm stretch across him not wanting warmth this is touched ever leave. My skin tingled Where he touched me. Causing a shiver to run down my spine. My phone rang, pulling me back from the black hole in my mind.

I looked down to see "Momma" written across the screen. I stared at it, letting it vibrate in my hand before sliding my thumb across the screen to answer.

"Hello" I hesitantly said into the speaker. I knew what was coming.

"FINALLY!" she screamed into my ear. I pulled the phone from my face trying to lessen the damage that i knew was going to be done to my ear drum from her high pitch screech. "I have been calling you like 8 time an hour for the past 4 hours!"

"I know, and I'm sorry" I said quietly, hoping to calm her down.

"I got a call from a hospital saying that you were admitted for a broken arm or something! I knew it had to be the wrong Ella 'cause you were on a plane to Brazil!" she continued to fume. "I waited till it was time for your plane to land to call. Now, tell me, how is Brazil?" Her tone of voice changed drastically.

"I don't know" I answered honestly.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" she asked.

"I don't know, I never made it. I'm in the hospital. Well, I have been discharged, but I'm staying with Harry till he wakes up." I heard it the second I said it. I knew a screwed up mentioning Harry's name. I was just so tired that it didn't even cross my mind that she didn't know. My hand flew to my mouth, desperately trying to shove the words back down my throat.

"Who is this Harry you speak of?" She asked, sounding more curious and anything.

"He's um" I paused "He's no one." I said too quickly.

"Tell Me." She said. Her voice so demanding it felt she would reach through the phone and rip the truth from me.

"Well I met him on the plane, and I stayed at his hotel room when we had that emergency landing yesterday." I chose my words carefully. "We were attacked on the plane and he was injured by all the girls. I was able to press the call button before I was hurt too bad." I knew I had said too much, but I couldn't take it back.


"I might as well tell you. I know Jess will tell you anyway." I said. I could feel the guilt building on my chest as I said the words.

"Find out what?" She asked, her voice changing again, this time to concern.

"Well, you know that his name is Harry." I say. I pause to take a breath, but realize that I can't because I'm holding it.

"ELLA TELL ME!" My mother demands after I wait too long.

"Well. He is um" I pause again, not sure how to tell her

"Tell. Me. Now" Her words are precise. They had a sting to them.

"He's British." I say, my voice rising in pitch at the end, letting her know that that is not all.

"OK, he's British. Just tell me or I will hang up now and call Jess." She meant it. I could hear it in her voice.

"HisNameIsHarryAndHeIsBritishAndHisLastNameIsStyles!" I rush together, hoping that she didn't understand me.

"WHAT!" She screamed and I heard her phone it the ground, thumping in my ear.

At the same time I heard a sound close to a scream, but combined with a cough.

How long has he been awake? I ask myself

"Ella! Ella!" my moms voice comes through the speaker again.

"Hey. I gotta go, He's awake." I say, not really paying attention to my words.

"ELLA DON'T YO!" She didn't get to finish her sentence before I hit the End Call button.

"What's going on?!" A nurse enters the room.

"Where am I?" Harry asked, he sounded confused and scared. almost like a kid.

"Your at the hospital in Argentina." I answer. Talking slowly, making sure to over enunciate my words.

"Who are you?" He asked, his eyes wide with confusion.

"You don't remember me?" I ask. I can hear the crack in my voice.

"No." He answered "What's the day?"

"May 29th, 2014"

"That's not right." He shakes his head. "It's April 11th 2010!" He whispers to himself.

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