30,000 feet up

Ella is a 16 year old girl on her way to Brazil when a flight attendant asks her to accompany a male celebrity passenger, who is requesting company for the next 10 hours of the flight. She is shocked to find that the male celebrity is none other than Harry Styles. How can she manage to hold her self together when all she wants to do is fangirl over this member of the biggest boyband in the world.

*Authors Note.*
Just wanted to say that I came up the idea for this fanfic, when my father told me that the same thing happened to my grandfather back in the 80's. Only he was going to visit with Bill Cosby instead of Harry Styles


4. Jess

I stood there in the airport, bag in hand, looking out the big window at the runway.

"Hey." came a voice from behind me. I jumped, falling on my ass. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

I looked up to find Harry reaching out a hand toward me. I reached up, taking his hand in mine, as he pulled me up off the cold tile floor. "It's fine." I giggle, as I dusted off my butt.

"Where are you staying tonight?" Harry asked, taking me off guard.

"Way to get straight to the point." I laughed out of awkwardness. "I just plan on staying here. I don't have any extra cash to rent a room anywhere."

"Why don't you stay with me? I'll get a suit, don't worry."

"I don't know" I said What The Hell!? Harry styles. The Harry Styles. os offering to let me stay with him tonight!

"Come on. It's better than sleeping on a hard airport waiting room chair.

"Ok" I gave in. though it didn't take any convincing at all, I had already decided to say yes.

"Let me take that." He reached for my luggage.

"No, you are letting me stay in your hotel room, you are not carrying my bags too."

"Whatever you say." he laughed, and turned and walked away.

"HEY!" I called, jogging up to him; matching his pace. "where are we staying?"

"Um, a hotel."

"Well I know that, I'm not stupid. I meant. what hotel?"

"I was thinking the Hilton. It's one of the nicer ones around here."

"Ok, wow!" I said, taken back by what he said.

"Wow what?" Harry asked, turning to face me.

"I've never stayed in a hotel that nice in my life."

"There is a first time for everything." He said, stepping outside into the dark night.

I stood, staring at him in the blue moon light of the night. His black pants disappearing into the darkness. Someone bumped me, causing me to stumble through the open door, and next the Harry.

"Do you wanna take a cab or a car? well I guess that's redundant, they are both cars, but you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, and I could care less."

"Car it is." He said, walking up to a man just out of hearing distance.

I pulled out my phone and stared at the picture of my sister on the screen. I thought about calling her. I promised her I would call when we landed. And well, we had landed.

I let my thumb hover over her contact picture for an extended second before finally giving in and letting my thumb drop to the screen, clicking on her number. I brought the speaker up to my ear, and listen to the familiar ringing.

"Hello." Jess answered in a sleepy voice.

"Hey sis, didn't mean to wake you."

"Ella! OHMYGOSH! N you're fine. What time is it?" she paused, the other end going dead as she checked the time. "Why are you calling me? It's like 3am, and you can't use phones on planes."

"I'm not on a plane."

"Why are you not in the air?"

"We had to make an emergency landing due to the weather."

"OH, okay. So, how's the flight been so far?" she asked, suddenly changing the subject.

"It's been.... Interesting." I said, thinking back to the whipped creme fight with Harry Styles

"What do you mean by 'interesting'?"she asked.

"like, not what I expected."

"So there's been no crying babies, or fat smelly guys, maybe a loud obnoxious kid kicking the back of your seat?"

"Yeah, there was in the beginning, but I got my seat moved." Why didn't I just tell her? What am I so scared of?

"Wow, you're lucky, that doesn't happen very often."

"Trust me, you have no idea how lucky I am."

Harry walked up to me. "Hey, the car will be here in like 3 minutes."

"Who is that?! And why are yall getting a car together?" my Jess practically screamed through the phone. "He's got a British accent! OH MY GOD! Is He Hot?!!" she continued to shriek.

"It's no one." I replied just a bit too fast.

"I'm no one?" Harry asked, he had picked up on the conversation.

"I'm not saying that!" I said trying to sort out the two conversations I was carrying on at the same time.

"Well, who are you talking to then?" Harry asked again.

"My sister Jess." I said, giving up.

"Hey Jess! I'm Harry!" he yelled into the speaker of my phone.

"OHMYFUCKINGGOD!!" she screamed, shattering my eardrums. "IS THAT HARRY STYLES?!" Harry took that as an opertunity, and snached the phone from my hand, starting up a conversation with jess

"YES! IT'S ME!" Harry yelled back, coming dangerously close to my face.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Jess screeched in my ear, I pulled my phone from my face, hoping to prevent further damage to my eardrum. Harry took that as an opertunity and snached the phone from my hand.

"Hey, so you're Jess." Harry drew out the "you're", acting as if I had mentioned her a thousand times. He lowered and raised his eyebrows as she spoke, seeming very interested in what she had to say. "Um, yeah, I guess so." He said, pausing to listen to her again.

"Can I have my phone back?" I shot out my hand, waiting for him to place it in it. Instead he held up his finger, signaling me to wait. I crossed my arms over my chest, and switched my weight from one leg to another in frustration.

"Hey, Jess, It's really nice to meet you, but I have to go. I'll talk to you later, ok?" He paused once more. "Yes I promise." He said, and hung up.

I jerked my phone out of his hand, and spun on my heals, making a beeline for my stuff. I sat silently, as I waited for the car to arrive.

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