30,000 feet up

Ella is a 16 year old girl on her way to Brazil when a flight attendant asks her to accompany a male celebrity passenger, who is requesting company for the next 10 hours of the flight. She is shocked to find that the male celebrity is none other than Harry Styles. How can she manage to hold her self together when all she wants to do is fangirl over this member of the biggest boyband in the world.

*Authors Note.*
Just wanted to say that I came up the idea for this fanfic, when my father told me that the same thing happened to my grandfather back in the 80's. Only he was going to visit with Bill Cosby instead of Harry Styles


6. Girls, Girls, Girls!

I stood at the gate, holding my carry-on, looking at the back of Harry's head. It still felt like a dream. Nothing like this had ever happened to me, and I didn't want it to end. My eyes moved up and down Harry, taking in every part of him, not wanting to forget a single stitch on his shirt, or hair on his head. I stopped on the bulge in his back pocket. I hadn't noticed it before, then again, my eyes hadn't traveled far from his face. "Harry," I spoke his name, not realizing it.

"Yeah," He turned around to face me, pulling the tutsi pop out of his mouth.

"Just wondering what you are attempting to squeeze into your pocket." I giggled

"Oh this?" He said, sticking his sucker back in his mouth and pulling what appeared to be a weird looking GPS from like 10 years ago/

"What in the hell is that?" I asked, stunned at the result.

"It's a satellite phone." He answer, as if it was obvious, and that everyone had one.

"And why do you have a satellite phone?" I continued to investigate.

"Your ticket sir" the lady asked, interrupting us as Harry handed her our tickets, and she ushered us through.

"Incase I end up somewhere with no cell signal and I get in a bind, I can call for help." He said, as if it was an obvious thing.

"Well, Okay then."

"Why do you say it like that?" He asked, seaming hurt.

"You said it like it's something everyone has. I can assure you, you are the only person I know with a satellite phone." I followed Harry through the twisting tunnels of the plane. "Is this the same plane we were on yesterday?" I asked confused by my surroundings.

"Yup. You just came in to the suit a different way." He answered, continuing to wind his way through the familiar tunnels.


Harry's P.O.V.


She lay there, breathing. I could have sworn she was dead if it weren't for the faint snore coming from her parted lips. I didn't want to wake her. Though we only had 4 more hours together. I continued to let her lay her head in my lap, and sleep, not moving a muscle. 

A knock at the door from behind me, startling me. My slight movement woke her. 

"Whaa?" She mumbled, barely audible.

"Shhh, go back to sleep." I whispered slowly lifting her head, so to stand. I walked to the door, to find a 7 year old girl.

"Can I help you?" I asked, not wanting to be rude.

"It is true!" She almost screamed, her eyes doubling in size.

"SSSHHHH" I ushered her out the door, closing it behind us.

"what are you talking about?" I asked her

"I girl told me that she saw you get on the plane." She smiled, "I had to see for myself."

"Do you want a picture of something?" I asked, knowing the answer before the question left my lips.

"Would you?!" She asked, excited.

"Yes, but let's make it fast, I have to get back in there." I said, taking her phone from her small hands. I knelt down to her level, and snapped the picture. "There you go." I said, handing her the phone back. I turned and walked back into the small room where Ellas was sleeping.

"What was that?" Ella asked, suddenly awake.

"Nothing." I lied.

"Whatever" She replied, not buying my excuse. "How long till we land?" She asked, standing unsteadily and walking over to the freshly stocked snack cart.

"'Bout 4 hours." I said, walking over to help her keep her balance, on the unsteady plane.

"Great." She mumbled, so low I wasn't sure I heard her right.

There was another knock at the door. Ella's face turned toward the noise. "You gonna get that?" She asked, taking a bite of her apple.

"Yes?" I called to the door. I heard nothing but screams in response. I turned and saw a look of horror on Ella's face. The ear splitting screeching coming from the other side of the door.

"Don't you dare open that door." She said, giving me an 'I mean it' look.

"Well what should I do?" I asked, partially yelling so she could hear me over the screams of the girls.

"I don't know. It's not like this happens to me on a daily bases." She said, with a smart tone.

"Well then" I said, turning from her and walking toward the door emanating screams

"Don't. do. it." She said, adding a pause between each word. She meant it. I continued to reach for the knob, not really caring what she thought.

I swung the door open, and stood there. The screems stopped the second the door opened. All I saw were eyes staring at me. Not moving. Almost like statues.

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