scary little secret

Katie has a secret.She lives in the woods and A boy spots her with a different secret.Hes a blood sucking freak when she is just Not real she really died in 1863 when she was 15 and Harry knows her did he date her or were they just friends then will she even remember him? read and find out


3. Big city

Wow i said as i walked out into a big city people stared at me looking at my hair i asked harry can we get in your house?I have to drive first.OK where are the horses?i asked silently.I have a car see the things on the road?he asked Oh ok lets go then i ran where he pointed.i hopped in slamming the door rowing the window up fastly.

lets go to the store he said.Do you have a brush?i asked him. Yeahh in that little door thing he said i opened it and saw it and brushed my hair.We were finally there.i walked out seeing people coming out with some big bags.


i walked in he asked me where i wanted to go. Umm there it said Victoria's Secret.Right that's where you need to go to fit in with people anyways he said as i walked there.I need bras so i took out mine to check in then grabbed one and gave it to harry  and grabbed some underwear.i got some dresses and some shirts and shirts and shoes with some pants.


good choice he said looking at my shirt thanks i said we walked in his house and i had to take that nasty crap again.Yes we were at the mall for 4 hours.hours. Ewe i said after i took it.i looked at  the time and said Its dinner time. let me make it he said  no i will its my job.i said smiling and walking over to the oven.

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