Niall is my savior

Fan Fiction


1. Giving hope a chance

Kiana P.O.V

It has been 2 years since I found out I have Leukemia. That was the day I wanted to find a cure in London Uk! I know a it is far away, across the seas for me. I live in Canada, Now I'm on my plane with some of my stuff. My family is an average sized! I do have a dog named Champ, he is a golden rechiver and a nice light brown color. 'All passengers please put you seatbelts on, we are about to land in London Uk'

I texted mom to tell her that I just landed. She said there is a woman waiting for me and that she will be holding a sign with my name on it?! Ok! I looked around and the she is, I grabbed my bags and walked towards her.

"You must be Kiana! Am I right?" the woman question me. I nodded

"Ok! Now we have to wait, there is one mo- well actually 3 more people...Oh yeah you must be wondering who I am, I'm Anne Cox!" I've heard the name before? But where tho?

I tuned out for a bit. Then I heard the intercon say 'flight 183 has landed from lreland'

"ok I'm going to say this once, Don't scream!" I nodded again.

Anne said that there will be 3 more flights coming in around a half an hour.

I told her "I'm going to change and get something to munch on."

"just be back in 45 minutes, ok?" she told me with her English accent

I replied "yeah, just stay here so I know where you are" she giggled and nodded. I smiled and grabbed my carry on with my stuff

I walked into the bathroom, into the biggest one there. I changed in my shirt that says 'Free Hugs' and my jeans shorts and then my green Nike's. I took my wig off and but on a head band on. My hair fell off because of the treatment.

When I got out there I went starbucks and got tea and a doughnut. After I got my things. I seen Anne then walked to her, she did not notice me yet. I sat beside her and looked at me, she was shocked! Before she can speak the lady said on the intercom 'flight 146, 289, and 388 is going to landing soon'

"Well they are here!" oh! Anne! but, yay! finally! I'm done with airports. I have a major jetlag, I want to got to sleep and it is only 12 in the afternoon here and in Canada it would be...7 there wow!

"Ok! I see them get your bags ready!" Anne says with excitement.

Now she was looking for them. Then I started to look around, I see 4 boys with sunglasses and hoodies on. Weird?¿ Oh well! Once they got to her they all got a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I just sat there and giggled. They had their stuff ready and I got mine and went to the van. I got in shotgun pulled out my iPhone woth my headphones and listening to Fall Out Boy and some One Direction.

We all arrived to this big house that looked like you can fit 20 people in it! I got out and grabbed my bags and waited for the rest. Anne got her keys to the place and opened the door, and walked in "Wow! this place is huge!" I said with my Canadian accent. I turned around to find the boys jaws open. Then Anne....

"Close your mouths yoy are going to catch flies, and yes she is canadian!" I laughed at them!

"um..Anne where do I sleep? " I asked her

"oh yeah, follow me" So I followed her into a spare bedroom with a walk in closet, my own bathroom and a big bed. I just dropped my stuff and ran towards the bed , then jumped on it!

"It is so comfy and soft!" I was impressed! I got off and started to put my clothes in the closet. Once I was done I went down stairs and found The boys were .....

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