Renew Anew

A poem about love and loss and perhaps - with your own interpretation - love again. "When love is real, it finds a way." ~ Uncle Iroh [For the 4th advent competition.]


1. Renew Anew

Flashes of radiant fire filled the sky

When you came passing by and nigh;

You came like a thief in the night

When you stole my heart at the silent sight.

Lost in love and wandering into wilderness

I found new ways to adore your finesse;

The key is the subtlety of the soul,

For it goes on forever and ever in whole.


Together we are; together we’ll be:

We once believed this with great glee;

I’m still lost in the story we once made

Missing and mislaid it sits there to fade.


I never wanted the sun to set because I knew what followed:

Nothing but the haunting presence of bitter, brooding black;

And there’s nothing inside but the pain I hide and hold back.

I never wanted the sun to set because this is what shadowed.

The dark death of the night swept over me,

And now you are far, long and gone;

Without you, how could I move on?

I’m set sail at sea, for I lost my key.


Now in memory I look to the starry sky pass by:

It once burned with fiery flashes of rosy red;

Though I can promise you this for the years ahead:

If you ever come by, fireworks will again fill the sky.


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