4 sexy ladies

4 best friends. One boy band. One club that's all you need to know,


7. Wake Up Call

Maddie's POV

I yawn and look around and then I finally notice, I'm laying down on the couch with Louis Tomlinson's head on my breast. I shake his head and he moans, "What?" he mumbles, I smile, "It's morning and we seriously need to clean up before the girls get here. I push him off and walk over to the kitchen.

I hear footsteps come behind me and his arms wrap around my stomach. "I like you Madeline." Those words he said so clearly in my ear sent chills down my body. I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck, "I like you too but not because your famous, because you make me feel good about myself and I can be free with you." He smiles and leans in for a kiss so I lean in too. Our lips touched and I feels amazing we're kissing with passion. He puts his hand on my back to push me closer towards him.

He touched down my spin and grabs the bottom of my butt to lift me up. I wrap my legs around him and walks over to the couch and lays me down. He gets on top and starts to kiss my neck. "Our love, Our love, Just give me a reason, Just a little bits e-" I grab my phone from the table, and Louis slowly gets up, "Hello?" 

"Hey, I'm worried about you, are you okay?" 

"Yeah I'm fine, you just kinda interrupted a moment and I'm home with Louis Tomlinson."

"Oh....That's cool, i guess. I got laid by Harry Styles!" I laugh, "That's great Barbra I'll see you later, maybe." She laughs over the phone. "Okay bye." She hung up and I look Louis.

"Who was that?" He points at my phone, "One of my "Girlfriends" Barbra but we call her barbie cause she looks like one." He laughs. "So where were we?" I smirk. He laughs and I grab his shirt pull it down so we can start kissing again. I don't what's got into me but I like it.


Sarah's P.O.V.

I start to laugh as I mess with his hair, "It's true you were the best sex I've ever had." When he finished saying that it made me feel terrible. I sat up and took a deep breath, "What's wrong?" he sits up and i cover my boobs up with the fluffy white sheets, "It's upsetting cause you're saying it was the best sex and I don't even remember it!" I cover my face with my hands.

I feel like a whore, a slut, "I know one night stands aren't supposed to work like this but I don't know I feel different around you Sarah." Gosh now I feel bad, "I'm sorry Liam but I'm not looking for anything here." I get up and grab my clothes. I walk to his bathroom and get changed. I walk out and Liam is in just his boxers. I look down at the ground, "Bye Liam." I grab my little purse and walk towards the door, "Sarah wait."

I put my hand on the door knob and look back, "Yes?" I look into his eyes and I see sadness, "I'm going to find you again and we will end up together." He smiles and I laugh a bit, "No offense Liam but I doubt that's ever going to happen!" I open door and half my body is out, "Bye!" I yell and I walk down the hallway of the hotel to the elevator.

Kayla's P.O.V.

He's bare arm around me feels great and me touching he's cheek feels like a fairy tail. "Can we stay like this forever?" He smiles and I kiss him on the cheek. "I wish." We're staring into each other's eyes, "Why can't we?" We both star laughing, "Sadly Niall because you're in a really famous band and I have friends to go back to." He touches my cheek, "Your so beautiful. Can't we keep seeing each other?" I feel myself blush.

"You mean like be your girlfriend?" I know I have a retarded grin on my face, "Yeah." He smiles. "I would like that." He kisses my head, "Good cause you're my girlfriend now." I blush.

I after I got dressed I grabbed my purse and walked to the door, "Wait Kayla I'm coming!" Niall runs to the door and we walk down stairs of his house and get in his black Range Rover and drove back to my house.

Barbie's P.O.V.

We keep kissing passionately with tongue. "We can't be together." I say out of breath. "Why not?" Harry didn't see upset about just curious, "Because when you go on tour I will be crying everyday missing you." I smile and he kisses my cheek "Come on ill drive you home." I get up and put my heels on. He takes my hand and we walk to his car.

"Since we held hands are we dating now?" I laugh right after he said that. I got into the passengers seat, "Nope." He laughs and snaps his fingers, "Darn!" We laugh and he begins driving.

Maddie's P.O.V.

I run around the house while Louis chases me. I'm wearing really short hot pink tiny booty shorts and a huge black sweater. I hear a knock at the door and we both stop running, "I'll race you to the door!" I yelled and we both started sprinting and we slammed into the door. I opened it and Sarah, Kayla and Niall were standing there mad.

"What's wrong?" I asked while me and Louis are still laughing. They pushed us out the way so they can come in, "What's wrong is that I waited 1 hour for you to answer the door!" Sarah walked over to the rack and hung her coat up, "Niall and I waited 20 minutes!" Louis and I looked at each other smiled, "Sorry we were busy!" We started laughing.

"I can see that. Madeline what the hell are you wearing?!" Sarah points at my shorts. "Something Sarah!" I garb Louis hand and we walk to the long room. "Maddie what the fuck happened in the kitchen?!" I could here Kayla yelling. Louis and I looked at each other and we run up stairs to my room.

I lock my door, "Hey you think Kayla and Niall are dating?" Louis shrugs, "I'm sure." I laugh and open the door. "KAYLA ARE YOU AND NIALL DATING?!" I yell and wait, "YES!" I hear her yell back. Louis opens the door wider. "GOOD JOB NIALL!" We can hear him laugh, "THANKS LAD!" We start laughing. "YEAH SONCE WE'RE YELLING MAY I ASK IF BARBIE'S HOME?" Kayla yells. "NOT YET!" I yell back.

Right after I said the door bell rang and we walked down stairs to see Harry and Barbra holding hands. "Are you two dating?" Sarah asks and they look at each other and smirk. "Nope!" We all look at each other and laugh. "So Sarah who did you get laid by?" We all looked at her, "Liam but I told him I'm not looking for a relationship so...yeah."

"Ouch that even hurt me!" Harry said and Barbie punched his arm. We started laughing. "Come on guys lets watch a bunch movies!" I ran to the living room. I looked at Niall and so did Kayla, "Who are you texting?" Kayla asked trying to look, "Liam I'm inviting over here."

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