4 sexy ladies

4 best friends. One boy band. One club that's all you need to know,


5. Getting Dressed

Maddie's POV

I lay down, put on my ray ban glasses and begin reading 'The Fault in Our Stars'. The silence fills the room and I smile. It's 3 p.m. and Kayla, Sarah, and Barbra are out doing their own thing. We all share one flat and I love it because their my best friends. Here's the crazy part we are all nothing alike!

''Did you see the way that cashier looked at us?!" And the moment is over. You could here Barbra's voice fill the house and Kayla laughing her butt off. "I promise you he had a boner behind the counter!" I laughed at what Kayla said. "Maddie are you in the living room?" I could there footsteps getting closer to the room, so I grabbed a pillow and put it over my face. 

They started giggling and they snatched the pillow away. "We need to talk my love." Barbra sighed and I sat up and they both sat by me. "All four of us are going to a new club opening tonight!!" Kayla shouted and they both cheered but I wasn't so happy.

"I don't want to go." I shrug and bit my bottom lip. "Please Maddie?!" They both whined over and over again. So I just gave in, "Fine whatever but I don't have dress." I smiled and they smirked at me, "We got that covered and this is the dress Sarah's wearing. Barbra pulls her phone out and shows me the picture: 

I nod, "Yeah it fits her.'' I fake a smile.


---------------------------------------------------------4 hours later-------------------------------------------------------

"Come ladies! We're getting dressed in my room!" I heard Sarah's voice and we all ran to her room. "Okay Hair and makeup first." She smirked.

Kayla washed her hair and dried it up quickly and let her ombre hair flow into its natural waves. She put black smokey eyes and put mascara on and it made her blue eyes pop. She put on pink glossy lipstick and she hurried and put her outfit and I'm going to say it she looks hot!


Sarah straightened her long light brown hair, put only mascara and lip gloss on, she slipped her dress and put on black 6 inch pumps. She looked sexy!

Barbra straightened her pure blonde hair and lightly put on pink eye shadow. She applied mascara and put light pink lipstick. She put foundation on and slipped her dress on. She smirked at me, "Ready Maddie?" I rolled my eyes. "I guess."

I got pushed down on a chair by all three of them, Barbie started curling the tips of my brown hair. Kaygreg gave me black smokey eyes and put mascara on while Sarah was putting red lipstick on me and putting foundation on. Barbie handed me the dress and i slipped it on. I stood up with my shoes on. They all cheered and I looked in the mirror. I...I look......different, I look good.


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