New Beginnings (Book 2)

This is book 2 of New Findings series (:

All the babies have grown up and being in a private high school isn't as fun as it all seems. Ella, Rosalin's daughter, learns more about her life then she knew and meets friends and enemies along the way! What happens that pushes Ella over the edge.


8. Chapter 8

Ella P.O.V

     I woke up and did my same routine as yesterday, complain about myself in the mirror then took a shower, except I didn't run into Calen in the hall, strange. I walked back into my room and got dressed. Plain blue skinnys and a lacy white shirt with white toms. Mum tells me Toms were really popular back in her day. I like them even though people don't seem to care about them much anymore. I applied some eyeliner and mascara and looked in the mirror one last time. Perfect. I walked out of my room with no sign of anyone really. I walked into Calen's room and she wasn't there. checked my phone, 6:30. We have to leave in 15 minutes. I back out of Calen's room and bumped into Blain?

"Morning Love, I walked over to get you and Calen but your mum said you were up here so.. I came to get you." He smiled.

I nodded, "Yeah okay." I smiled.

I walked into my room and Blain followed me. I fixed my shirt in the mirror, checking one last time. "Ella, You look fine!" I flashed him a glare in the mirror playfully and went for my bags. "No Ella. I got them." He gave me a bright smile.

"Thank you, but you really don't have to do that." I smiled.

"I know, but I want to. Sorry about saying our families had a dinner thing Friday. I just don't know if I want to go to that party with Kristen Friday. Not really my scene, but I may change my mind, if my parents piss me off, I'm for sure going." he chucked.

I nodded, understanding. "It is fine. I don't really want to go. I may just stay home, watch a movie."

Blain looked at me, "Okay.. If you don't go. I surly won't go." He smiled. "Ella you have to live." He chuckled.

I shrugged. "I don't know, not really my scene." I winked at him. "But seriously, Blain, parties don't work for me. If you like Kristen just go. I hear she's tons of fun." My tone went from sarcastic to annoyed quickly.

Blain shrugged. "Yeah I know. She's a cutie, but she is wild. I don't know about her." He must be confused.

I scuffed. "Didn't seem that way when your hand was up her mini skirt yesterday." I walked fast down the stairs.

Blain followed. "You say that? I didn't think anyone saw that."

I groaned. "Everyone saw it.  She likes you. give her a chance."

He nodded. "Yeah, I have nothing to lose." He said walking past me.

He may have nothing to lose but I do.



Dad was down stairs with Calen at the table. "Dad, where is mum?"

He sighed, "She's sick. Well morning sickness is killer her at the moment. She may stay home today."

Blain gave me a weird look, "She's pregnant."

He made a 'O' with his moth then smiled. "Congratulations Mr. Payne. I bet you are excited!"

Dad smiled. "I am indeed. Hoping for a boy." He smiled.

Blain nodded. "Me too. I want a younger brother. I mean you Payne's are like family to me so I am a part of this too."

We all laughed at him, "Yes you are Blain. You are welcome here anytime." mum said coming out of the bedroom.

Dad got up and walked over to her, wrapping his arm around her waist and resting them on her small baby bump. "Are you okay babe. You worry me."

She sighed. "I am fine. Just dizzy. I've been through this before as you can see." She pointed to me and Calen and kissed his cheek. Mum looks super pale but we all know not to mess with her. She will cry. and then get mad. then cry again. damn.

Calen was super quiet and didn't say anything this morning. She looks normal. Just not talking. "Calen. We need to go. Mr.Tomlinson is talking us." She nodded and we all walked over to Blain's house and joined.

After we go in the car, same seating as yesterday, Mr. Tomlinson started talking, "So Blain. Ella. What is going on?"

I heard Blain groan. "Dad, not now. There isn't anything going on anyway."  

Louis scuffed, "Sure didn't look like nothing yesterday."

Blain sighed. "Dad, it was nothing. I have a girl I'm into anyway." Okay.. That hurt.

I turned my attention to Calen. "Sis, are you okay?"

She looked at me, "Yeah, I'm fine, just tired." She smile brightly at me. It was fake.

"Are you sure Calen?" I asked. She just nodded. Just let it go. She will come to me when she wants to.

We arrived at the school same time as yesterday. Calen slowly made her way to the door and we followed her behind. Eventually She went in and disappeared from our sights.

Blain turned to me, "I'm sorry about my dad.. He is sassy and nosey.."

I nodded, still hurt from his comment. "It is fine. Anyway. Here comes Kristen."

Kristen walked up to Blain and kissed his cheek, "Hey Blain. Are you coming this weekend?"

Blain made a face at me, "Umm I don't know."

I sighed. "Yes he will go." I blurted in.

Kristen smiled at me, "Good! You should come too. It will be tons of fun!"

I nodded. Blain smiled. "I can't wait babe." He kissed her cheek and grabbing her hand. Stunning me. What just happened? What did I just do? Why do I feel like a sudden third wheel. I feel my heart crash right in front of me. Kristen looks at me and gave me a 'what-now-bitch' smile. I wonder if she likes him or just hates me enough to make me suffer.

Calen P.O.V

     I walked into the school building with all eyes on me. I felt my tummy turn. I take a deep breath as  I enter my first class. Biology. I rush to the back of the room to hide, but it doesn't turn out to well.  I run into someone knocking me to the ground.

"Ow." I mumble rubbing my head.

I feel someone grab my hand and pull me up. I look up to see a beautiful boy, "Hey there love I'm sorry."

I couldn't speak. "it's um.. It's erm. Okay. Hi." I half smiled.

He chuckled, "You are pretty. I'm Blue Styles."

I smiled. "I'm Calen Payne."

"That's a beautiful name, Calen. I like it." He smiled. Handing me my books.

I smiled and took them, "Thanks Blue. I like your name too. Its different.

He winked. "Just like you." I blushed slightly.

I spotted Acelina, the bitch in my grade. She walked up and forced her lips to Blues. What?

"Hey babe. I missed you." Acelina said. She turned to me. "What are you?"

I shrugged, "A person?"

She rolled her eyes, "No need to be a smart ass bitch."

I sighed. "No need to be a bitch."

She gasped. "Blue she is being mean to me. Stop her." Acelina glared at me.

Blue rolled his eyes and I spoke. "You know, don't say anything. Thanks Blue for helping me up. I will see you around." I flashed him a smile and then took my seat.

Acelina walked over to me. "Look, you seem nice and all but I don't want you whoring around my boyfriend. He is mine. Okay. I don't want competition."

I laughed. "So I take it you are scared of me?"

She chuckled. "Why would I be scared of a fat ass bitch? You look like a marshmallow. No guy will ever want you." She moved her pointed finger up and down my body.

I held back tears as all the things I've been saying to myself for years, came back in my face. I just nod and Acelina walked away.

Class started and we took notes and a 'Where-are-you-now' quiz. It was easy, I saw people cheating. How could you cheat on a quiz you should know everything on?

Throughout the class period I felt eyes on me. I turn to see Blue smiling at me, I return the smile until Acelina looked my way. I quickly look down. This will be a very fun school year. I hope it flies back quick.


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