New Beginnings (Book 2)

This is book 2 of New Findings series (:

All the babies have grown up and being in a private high school isn't as fun as it all seems. Ella, Rosalin's daughter, learns more about her life then she knew and meets friends and enemies along the way! What happens that pushes Ella over the edge.


7. Chapter 7

     Ella P.O.V

     I woke up earlier than I normally would have. I checked my phone, 5:30. I sighed and walked to the bathroom, and looked into the mirror. I rubbed my face, "Today is going to be a long, long day." I sighed and made my way to the shower. I quickly washed my hair and body and got out. I opened the door with a towel wrapped around my body to find my annoying sister standing in the middle of the doorway.

"What do you want Calen?" I really don't want to mess with her this morning.

She shrugged, "I need the bathroom."

I gave her a strange look. "Then get out of my way?" I said more of a question.

She smirked and moved out of the way, I walked passed her and she tugged at my towel. I felt the fabric being ripped from me and Calen ran.

"Calen! What the fuck are you doing?!?" I half whispered and half yelled. Calen just snickered.

I heard footsteps coming put the stairs and darted for my room.

"Ella? Calen? Are you both up yet?" It was dad."Time to wake up for your first day of your expensive school!"

Dad went to open my door but I rushed to stop him. "I'm up daddy! I'll be down soon!"

"Can I not give my baby girl a good morning kiss?"

"Ummm. No?"

"Why not baby girl. I haven't seen you all night."

"Dad, I'm naked..."

"I'll see you down stairs Ella Bella." Dad walked away. I laughed and sighed at once. Awkward.

I quickly got dressed and walked down stairs. I greeted mum in the kitchen and smiled.

"Morning mum, How are you?" I smiled as I grabbed an orange.

"Um, good. Little ill. I will be fine though." She smiled bright.

"That's good. Who is taking us to school?"

"I believe the Tomlinson's are?" She said in a questioning tone.

"Oh? You and dad can't?" I really wanted dad or mum to take me.

"Yeah, sorry babe. I've got a doctors appointment and your dad has a meeting with some.. old friends, You know, Uncle Zayn and Uncle Louis, and Uncle Harry." She faced me with a frown.

"Yeah, I understand." I flashed her a smile.

Dad walked out and gave me a hug. "I called Louis and he said Eleanor will take them and then meet you at the doctors office." Mum nodded. "Ella, when Calen comes down you both need to head over to the Tomlinson's. Don't want to be late on your first day." He kissed the top of my head.

I walked back up stairs to get Calen. "Calen! Come on! We don't need to be late!"

"Hold on!" I hear from behind her door.

I sighed and walked to my room for a quick last look in the mirror. I made little poses in the mirror until I felt someone staring at me.

I looked over, "Calen! What are you doing!?" I yell embarrassed to be alive.

She couldn't stop laughing. "What a common white bitch!"

I flipped her off. "Shut up! We will be late come on!" I say walking passed her and down stairs, where our parents are waiting at the door for us.

"Ready girls?" Dad asked giving us our lunch. We nodded and headed out the door.

We arrived at Blain's house and saw him outside. "Ella! Calen! Morning! We are about to be late. My mum will be right out."

We nodded and waited by the car. Eleanor came out and we got into the car. Blain in front and Calen and I in the back seat.

"Sorry girls. First morning getting back in the swing of things." Eleanor laughed nervously.

"Its okay Mrs.Tomlinson. We were having a late morning as well." I smiled.

Eleanor nodded and focused on the road.

Blain kind of turned in his seat to face me, "So Ella, How are you?"

I feel myself blush. "I'm swell, and you?"

He shrugged. "Not sure." He laughed slightly. reminds me of Louis.

My mind flashed back to when I was a baby. Sitting in a blonde guys lap while looking at Louis while he was making faces and laughing with me.

~Flash Back~

"Louis come over and help me make Ella laugh. She didn't like those doctors that much." I was in the arms of a blonde haired guy who was rubbing my sore arm and held me close. I started pouting. "Baby girl, don't cry. Daddy loves you and will always protect you." 

Daddy sat down on the couch in the front of the bus and Louis was across from me and making funny faces. I giggled uncontrollably.

~Flash Back Over~

Did dad dye his hair blonde long ago?

I was brought back to earth when the car stopped. "Okay guys! I will see you all later. Ella and Calen, find Blain this afternoon and I will bring you guys back home!" She gave us a smile and we nodded.

Calen went on inside the building while Blain and I took our time. I was admiring the huge building filled with drama started bitches. Blain and I made our way inside and all eyes were on us. A few girls made harsh comments about my hair and clothes. Skinny jeans and a Bob Marley tank top style T-Shirt with some black and white vans. My hair was in natural waves. I heard a lot of comments about Blain. How hot he was and how they would do him in a heart beat. Knowing Blain heard these too, I know his ego is through the roof.

Blain and I approached the tables in the lobby. "Yes, How may I help you loves?" An elderly lady asked us with a smile.

Blain motioned for me to go first. "Payne, Ella." I smiled.

The lady smiled back, "Is your father Liam Payne?" I nodded slowly. "Oh. My daughter was obsessed with his band when she was your age." The elder lady gushed.

I smiled awkwardly, what  was she saying?

Blain was next, "Tomlinson, Blain Ryley"

The elder lady acted the same way, "Oh your father must be Louis! I can't wait to ring my daughter up tonight! Have a nice first day loves!"

Blain and I laughed, "What was that about?" Blain asked me.

I shrugged, "I have no idea!" I giggled.

We compared our classes and we have all but one class together.

We walked to our 'Music and Harmony' together and took a seat. The classroom filled quickly, Blain and I got a lot of stairs and glares.. but why?

"Wow! What a babe!" Blain gushed looking at a blonde and blue eyed girl. Beautiful really.

She turned  and winked a Blain. He smirked and returned the wink. She is one of those girls. Well you could tell she is one of those girls, just by looking at her black mini skirt and white clear blouse, with common black heels. What a joke.

She moved closer and sat in front of Blain, whipping her hair behind her before turning around.
"Hi! I'm Kristen Horan!" She flashed Blain a flirty smile. I tried not to make smart remarks.

He smiled back, "Hello love. I'm Blain Ryley Tomlinson."

She blushed, "Nice to meet you. I'm new here." her flirty smirk is starting to annoy me.

Blain is falling into her trap. "That's cool! Same here. This place is amazing."

Kristen smiled. "Yeah it really is. Maybe we can explore it together?" She looked at him with hopeful eyes.

"Well. I was going to explore it with my best friend here!" He grabbed my wrist and making me jump.

I smiled shyly, "Hi there. I'm Ella Payne"  

Kristen gave me a glare and I just gave her a non-noticeable smart-ass smile. "Ella Payne? I have heard your name before, but it is nice to meet you! I'm Kristen, but you already may know" She looked at Blain. I just nodded.

Blain broke the silence. "But I guess you can come with Ella and I." He smirked at Kristen. 

She nodded. "Sounds good! I will see you after class." She gave Blain a wink and me a glare. I feel this year will be a battle. Great!

The teacher walked in and took role. Went over a few rules everyone should know. 'Keep hands to yourself', 'No fighting', 'No bulling', 'No gum chewing' Just the basic bullshit stuff no one listens to.

The class bell rings and Kristen waits for Blain and I to walk out. As soon as she saw Blain she wraps her arms around Blain's arm, as if she is claiming him like a lost puppy. I role my eyes in disgust.

Blain didn't seem to care. "So Girls, where are we going?"

I looked at the paper in my hands. "I have Chemistry next, so to the right for me." 

Kristen giggled. "Same here! We will be best of friends."

I flashed her a smile. No. absolutely will not be friends with this.. trash. "Great!!" I laughed. HA.

Blain laughed, "Well I will go in that direction too, My class is next to you both." Kristen smiled and I did too, causing her to glare at me.

We made it to class and Kristen pulled me to an empty lab desk in the back of the room. "Sit next to me Ella!"

I laughed slightly. "Okay!" I would be okay if these were desk.. not lab tables..

Kristen and I sat down and she faced me. "Look Bella. I know you and Blain are friends and all, and I know you like him or you 'dig' him. but he is mine! and I will make him mine! and I do not need some 'friend-zoned butt-hurt bitch' around. He wouldn't like a prude bitch like you anyway. He wants someone who will give him what he wants. like me. I don't like you around him at all. and If you can't process that, I will make you understand it or I can make your life here a living hell. Got It !?" She smiled.

I sighed. Here we go. "Look Kirsten, My name is Ella, not Bella. I think you got it all wrong. I don't think of Blain that way, and even if I did. He is my friend. I don't think calling me bitch is a good first real impression anyway. Plus he is my next-door neighbor. We see each other everyday. Our parents are friends. I just can't ignore him. I don't think he would want a sleazy whore as his girlfriend either so I guess you're out of his mind." I smirked.

Kristen's face turned red. "Look! I don't care. I don't want you around him! I see we may have to play some hard ball. Watch out Payne. My knife is sharp." She laughed.

I smiled. "My back is stone. Good luck Horan." Kristen glared.

The teacher quickly came in and took role. "Okay boys and Girls. These seats you have chosen will be your seats for the rest of the year! Say hello to your neighbor for the next nine to ten months!" Shit! "Okay guys! I have to go to a meeting. Sorry! We will meet everyone next time. Stay in your seats and behave! Bye-Bye!" and the teachers gone. Awkward. I want to bite Kristen's head off. I'm so done with school and it is only the first day.

The bell rang and I rushed out and Blain caught me. "Are you okay?" 

I smiled and nodded, "Yeah! Ready for lunch. Are you coming with me?"

He nodded then stopped, "What about Kristen?"

I shrugged, "She said she was meeting some one."

He nodded and smiled at me. I looked back and Kristen was glaring at me. I winked. I saw her storm off in the opposite direction.

Kristen met Blain and I at a lunch table. "Hey guys, You didn't wait on me Blain?" She frowned.

Blain shot me a look and I looked away. "Ella said you went to meet someone."

She glared at me slightly. "Oh no. Ella you are so funny!" She patted my back, clawing her nails in my skin.

I hid the pain in my face, "Well you said, 'I will meet you and Blain at lunch. I have to meet up with some guy.' " Kristen's nails went deeper. I squealed.

Blain jumped, ignoring what I said. "Ella are you okay!?" I nodded, not saying a word. Shit that hurts. 

Kristen moved and sat next to Blain. Putting her hand on his knee. Blain is a hard person to read. He won't tell if you of he doesn't like something and he won't tell you if he likes something. I want to know what he thinks of this girl.

"Anyway, I was wondering if you want to go to a party at my friends house Friday? Ella you can come too." She flashed me a fake smile and turned her attention back to Blain.

He shrugged, "I'm not sure. I think my mom wants to have dinner with Ella's family."

Kristen scuffed. "Forget about it. The party will be great." I shifted in my seat. Not sure if I should be insulted or no?

Blain bit is lip slightly. "I'm not sure. I love going to Ella's so.. I will think about it. Okay?" 

Kristen nodded, Glaring at me, as I smiled back at her.

The last few classes of the day I had with Blain and Kristen. Why does she have to be in all my classes? The last class was Economics. Pretty much a class you would sleep in. The announcements came on and mentioned some news but I couldn't pay attention because Kristen was sitting on Blain's desk while his hand was half way up her mini skirt. She gave him her number, I wonder if he will call her. I wanted to throw up, and cry. I don't even know why. I just do. 

Blain motioned me to follow him. and I did, we walked outside where I saw Calen and waved her over. "How was your day?"

She smiled. "Good. It was great really! You?"

I returned her smile. "Good and interesting."

Blain smiled at me. "Yeah. Met some people." I rolled my eyes.

We all got into the car and Eleanor smiled, "How was the day?"

"Good" we all answered at once.

I stayed quiet for most the ride home. Thinking.

We arrived back to the Tomlinson home and I got out.

"Ella, want to come inside really quick?" Blain asked. Eleanor just smiled.

I nodded. Calen went on home and I followed Blain inside. I followed him up to his room and he shut the door.

"Look what I drew." He smiled while handing me a piece of paper as I sat on his bed.

"It looks amazing.. Is that.. me?" I smiled and looked up at him sitting beside me.

Blain nodded. "Yeah. I drew it when you fell asleep yesterday or so. It was perfect, well you are perfect." He smiled and I blushed. Hard.

"Blain, That's so sweet of you to say." I smiled and felt his breath on my cheek.

"Well it is true, so so true." He chuckled.

I turned to face him and our faces were almost touching. He moved in to kiss me but Louis busted in, making us jump back and me on my feet. 

"I need to get home.. It is getting late." My voice is all shaky as I grab my things.

"Here. I got them babe." He smiled nervously at me.

I returned the nervous smile.

"Sorry kids.. I will see you in the morning Ella. I'm taking you all to school." Louis was smirking.. He knew it.

I nodded, "Bye, Mr. Tomlinson."

"Bye babe. Be home in five minutes Blain." he patted his son on the back. Blain nodded.

I rushed down the stairs and out the door, Blain followed. "I'm so sorry about that. I just.. the moment. Here." He handed me the drawing.

I smirked shyly. "Uh, thanks but I can't take this. You worked hard. You should keep it as a memory."

He shook his head. "No, it's for you love." He nodded to the paper.

I took it as we reached my door step. "Thank you. For a lot. I will see you tomorrow." 

Blain nodded, pulling me into a hug. "No, Thank you. I'm sorry for that Kristen girl. She's a lot. but I kind of like it. " He smirked.

So he will try to kiss me then talk about how he likes Kristen. Ow..

"It's okay, she and I are friends." I smiled. 

He nodded. "See you around." He winked at me and I returned.

I walked in and greeted everyone. Then walked up the stairs and put my things away. I washed up for dinner and went back down. Everyone was in the kitchen.

"Hey Ella! How was your day baby doll?" Mum asked kissing my head and giving me a hug.

I shrugged, "Well. Fine. This old lady made a big deal out of Blain and I's last name."

Mum stopped in her tracks. "What did she say?"

"Nothing much, just that her daughter was obsessed with dads band? Dad was in a band?" 

Mum sighed, "Liam, come in here!"

Dad rushed in. "Are you okay? Girls!? The baby Okay??"

I laughed. Mum smiled. "We are all fine babe. Some elderly lady told Ella that you were in a band a while back, didn't freak out but said her daughter was obsessed with your band.. We might as well tell her that." 

Dad smiled. "Okay! Okay! Children we have a lot! To talk about! Get your plates and we will talk at dinner!"

We all laughed and got our plates and sat at the dinner table. The whole conversation went on about how daddy went on a show in 2010, called X-Factor. He signed up as a solo artist but wasn't put through but called back and put will four other boys. Louis, Zayn, Harry, and some guy named Niall. I always wondered how dad met all these people.

Dad smiled. "We were on break and went back to school and that's when I met your mum. Eleanor was dating Louis and was friends with El and all. She went on tour with us and I fell in love with my best friend." He smiled to mum and kissed her hand. I smiled, I want to marry my best friend like my parents did. Something bothered me, Who was Niall? Where did he go and why isn't he called 'Uncle Niall' like the others.

"Hey mum, dad?"

"Yes?" Mum and dad answered together.

"Who was Niall? Where is he now? Why isn't he considered part of my uncles?" I asked all at once.

Mum went slightly pale. "Well um.. erm."

Dad finished for her. "You see...There were complications in the band and he left, causing the band to break up and do our own lives. He moved to Ireland, where he was from. and just did him. None of us really talk to him anymore."

I nodded, "I understand. So he ruined everything?"

Mum nodded. "Everything. You have no idea baby girl."

Mum gave dad a 'Thank you' face. I guess I now know who all those people in the picture are. My childhood memories and the stories dad was talking about, don't add up. I feel like something is missing. Are they missing a part of the story? Or are they hiding it from me?

I got up form the table and put my plate in the sink. I thanked mum and dad for the dinner and went up stairs to shower. After I showered I checked my phone and went to bed.



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