New Beginnings (Book 2)

This is book 2 of New Findings series (:

All the babies have grown up and being in a private high school isn't as fun as it all seems. Ella, Rosalin's daughter, learns more about her life then she knew and meets friends and enemies along the way! What happens that pushes Ella over the edge.


16. Chapter 16

      Liam P.O.V

     I left the house  about 10:30 and went up to Rosalin's work, yes I know I am early, better than being late. I pulled up to the duel building at 10:40 and sat in the car. At 10:50, I lost it. I just the car off and walked inside and to Rosalin's desk.

"Liam? What are you doing here?" She looked more confused than ever.

"I'm here to get you for lunch."

"But it is only 10:55?"

"Come on Babe. Please five minutes is not going to kill your job."

She sighed and looked at her boss who was listening in. Her boss nodded and I rushed and gathered Rosalin's stuff. I am really panicked at this point. We got in the car and drove to Nando's.

"Where are we going to lunch babe?" Rosalin smiled.

"Nando's" I said quickly and bluntly.

I could see Rosalin's smile died. "Why there? You-know-who loved that place and I hate it."

I shrugged, "Sorry."

We arrived at Nando's and I could see Niall and his wife sitting in a booth. He hasn't changed he is just how he left. Just aged slightly, we all have and his hair was his natural color, brunette. I take a deep breathe and guided Rosalin toward them. She was too busy looking around the place to see in front of her. 

Niall and Holly got up and stood in front of us. "Thank you so much for meeting us here, to talk about Ella."  Niall spoke sincerely.

His accent made Rosalin whip her head around. "Liam, why the hell are they here? What did you do Liam?!"

I sighed. "Sit down, Rosalin, We needed to talk about this. Sooner or later and I say now."

Rosalin was clearly pissed off. "No! What the hell is she doing here?! She has nothing to deal with Ella. She is the reason why Ella never knew Niall!!"

Holly shifted, biting her tongue, clearly didn't work, "And Liam has nothing to do with Ella either, Isn't even her real father! He shouldn't even be here but he is."

...that hurt..

Rosalin narrowed her eyes. "Better father than Niall over here!"

Niall turned red. "How was I suppose to be a good father if she never knew who I was??"

..Good point Nialler..

Rosalin gasped. "Like you ever tried to find us? Don't pull that shit Niall. You know better!"

Okay that is enough.. people are starting to stare, if they weren't already.

I sighed. "Stop!! Sit down and shut up! I am starting this." I said. The whole restaurant was watching what happen. "Go on about your business nothing to see here! Thanks!"

I sat next to Rosalin and took a deep breathe. "I set this up. Ella is wanting to meet you Niall. I know that Rosalin and I don't know what to do anymore about the situation. I don't know how you both feel about this anyway, which is why we are here discussing it."

Niall nodded, looking at the table then us. "I want to see my daughter. I havn't seen her in 15 years. I want to see her. I want to have some kind of a custody with her too. She is my daughter and now that we are all talking again, I have rights. This is so you guys can't run off again without telling me where you all are going."

I nodded but Rosalin scuffed. "Niall. We lived on a tour bus. You ditched us and none of us knew where you and that thing went? We all had to go somewhere and settle down. We had no contact with you. Plus I am not comfortable with Ella being in your house. I don't want you to have any custody."

Holly sat up. "If this bitch over here wants to keep making these comments to me then I refuse Niall to see his daughter. I do not want that thing-of-a-daughter at my house rubbing off on my angel, Kristen. Since she grew up with Rosalin over there she has to act like her too. I don't want that."

Niall looked over at Holly. "Stop. I know you don't want to be here but Ella is my daughter and I want to be in her life. If you truly loved me then you will support this."

Holly nodded. She seemed to have changed in some ways. I didn't really know her before when we were younger anyway.

Niall smiled. "Our home is safe for a teenager. We are raising Kristen. If I want rights, and you will not give them to me freely. I will go to the law and have something worked out. When can I see Ella, meet her?"

Rosalin looked at me, biting her tongue on the whole law thing. I shrugged. "I don't know? This weekend?"

Niall nodded. "We can come over with Kristen and they can meet as well."

We all nodded in agreement. We ate lunch and caught up on things and our current lives. Rosalin didn't talk much. I expected that.

Lunch was over and Niall walked over to me. "Can I talk to Rosalin alone?"

I looked at Rosalin and she bit her lip and nodded slowly, letting go of my hand. I walked out with Holly and just talked to her. 

       Niall P.O.V

  I still felt bad about everything that went on before I left years ago. How everything fell into place wasn't how it was suppose to end. The condom shouldn't have broke, but I shouldn't have been with Holly in the first place. I have so much I needed to tell Rosalin. I still love her and I know nothing will happen but she needs to know, everything on my mind. I'm not going to fuck up again. I am happy with my relationship with Holly. I truly am. I was excited to hear from Liam this morning. When I saw Rosalin was pregnant again.. Brought back the memories I had when she was pregnant with Ella. It saddened me slightly.

Liam left me alone with Rosalin. Don't. Fuck. Up. Niall. "I'm sorry Rosey."

She cringed, shit. "It's Rosalin. You lost that nickname many years ago."

I nodded. "Not starting good am I? I am sorry for everything that had happened almost 16 years ago."

She nodded. "Me too."

She was guarding herself. "I shouldn't have ran off. I should have stayed and we could have worked everything out."

She sighed. "Maybe it was better when you left. Liam and I were already together when you left. That's why you left. That was the last straw for you."

I nodded. "I remember that now." I trailed off forgetting what I was going to say.

Rosalin repositioned her stand position. "Niall. You hurt me bad. You honestly killed me. I did not want to move on or wake up. You were suppose to be the only one for me. Those things that happen, we were suppose to work out but we didn't know how so we did what we thought was right. I was not really ready to move forward with Liam but damn Niall. You didn't give me anything to work with. You were gone and no one knew where you were. We waited for you. I waited for you Niall. Now I know it was right to be with Liam but at the time I had no idea. I thought I had to be with him at the time. You literally shot me and kept stomping on me, over and over and over. I don't want you to do that to Ella. That is why I never told her about you because you killed me and I never want anyone to fell that pain. When I found out you moved to London. I wanted to move. I wanted to leave because I knew this would happen."

Every word she said hurt me, every single one of them. I looked up at her and she was crying. It hurt even more.

"Then why didn't you move?" My voice was cracking.

She sighed, whipping her face. " I  just can't just pick up my life and leave, just to keep Ella away from her father. She really wants to meet you."

I smiled. "I can't wait to see how she has grown. What is she like?"

Rosalin laughed. "She is your daughter. She has a mixture of your natural hair color and mine and your I-can-do-anything attitude. It is nice to see you back to your natural roots."

I smiled. "Thanks. It is just nice to see you on general."

She nodded. "Same. I need to go to back to work. Lunch time is ending. See you this weekend?"

I nodded. "See you this weekend. Congratulations on the babe by the way."

Rosalin smiled. "Thanks. Hoping for a boy!"

I laughed. "Liam's dream. Good luck."

She nodded and went into the car. Liam pulled off quickly. I got into the car for Holly to complain. 

"I still don't like her." Holly crossed her arms. "she is still a bitch and still fat."

I sighed. Rosalin was beautiful. "Holly stop. They are back in our life. Rosalin is pregnant not fat. She still has her issues but she is fine."

Holly scuffed. "Niall. I don't want this. I thought we lost them years ago!!"

"Holly stop! I may finally see my daughter after 15 years. I missed so much in her life. I am not missing anymore."

Holly sighed. "What about Kristen? She doesn't know any of this."

"We will wait for this weekend." I continued to drive home. I said everything I wanted to say to Rosalin besides I love you.


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