New Beginnings (Book 2)

This is book 2 of New Findings series (:

All the babies have grown up and being in a private high school isn't as fun as it all seems. Ella, Rosalin's daughter, learns more about her life then she knew and meets friends and enemies along the way! What happens that pushes Ella over the edge.


14. Chapter 14

       Rosalin P.O.V

     Everyone gathered around the table. Kids on one side and parents on the other. Once everyone got their plates and sat around the table, we all said prayers. I looked up after prayer and looked around. Blain was on my left, Asher on my right, Ava, Calen, Blue, and then Acelina.

Asher turned slightly to me. "You look lovely tonight."

I blushed. "Thank you, you are very handsome."

Blain kind of cleared his throat, making me turn to him and whisper, "You are still best looking. Calm your throat down."

He smiled and then I turned my attention to Asher. "How is football?"

He smiled, "Sharp, working hard for the coming up season in the spring. You should come to a practice." His pearly white teeth are shown through his smile, he is seriously perfect.

I nodded. "Yeah, I would love to! Just text me when." I returned the smile.

I felt something on my knee. I turn to my left and see Blain's hand on my knee. I gave him a strange look, catching my dads attention to us. I shook my head and moved his hand away. "Blain what are you doing?"

Blain shrugged his shoulders. "oh crap! I thought it was mine.. I'm sorry." he looked down to his food.

I rolled my eyes and finished eating. After dinner was over everyone left slowly. Harry's family left then Zayn's then Louis'. Before Asher left he gave me a hug.

I felt eyes on me. I turn and see my dad. "Ella. What happened at dinner?"

I shrugged. "Blain accidently placed his hand on my knee thinking it was his."

Dad laughed, "Yeah, 'accidently'. Ella he didn't 'accidently' do it."

I narrowed my eyes. "It doesn't matter. I moved his hand, and I don't really care."

Dad sighed. "Maybe you don't but I do! now it is the knee next ,its your thigh, then your waist."

I rolled my eyes. "Dad, stop over exaggerating. Nothing has happened, and nothing will happen, with me and Blain, or me and anyone. I'm a loner" I laughed and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

He half smiled. "Are you sure nothing has happened?"

My heart stopped think about the past few weeks. Blain and I had that heated make out session.

I nodded. "Yep. I'm pretty positive." I passed a smile and walked up stairs. Dad waved. 

         Liam P.O.V

Ella walked up to her room. I turned and rubbed my face with my hands out of frustration. Rosalin came out of the kitchen.

"What is wrong babe?" She pouted her lip and grabbed my hands.

I smiled. "Your daughter."

Rosalin narrowed her eyes. "Our daughter dip shit, what happen?"

I laughed. "Lou told me something that happen when Ella and Blain were together at their house the other day. I don't want her back over there. Not without Lou watching them every second, and we both know Eleanor and Lou don't have time to do so."

Rosalin looked confused, and a bit angry. "What happen?"

uh oh.. "Lou heard moaning from Blain's bedroom."

Rosalin dropped my hands. "What the hell were they doing?!?"

I could sense she was about to call Ella. "Before you call Ella down and yell. They didn't do anything. Lou promised to keep it between them but he thought we should know. I think we need to talk about.. sex.. and what not with her. Again."

Rosalin was not buying it. "Then why was there moaning? From who??"

I am cringing at this point. "They were 'Making Out' and I'm guessing Ella? I don't know. I am done talking about this!"

"No you're not. Ella!!!" Rosalin's voice echoed though the house. 

"Coming!" Ella's voice is almost quiet. she ran down stairs and stood in front of us.

"Babe. Sit down on the couch. We want to talk to you."

Ella went slightly pale, as if she knew what this was about. It is hard to stare at your 16 year old daughter, knowing she could be sexually active. I don't want to picture my daughter's innocence taken away so soon.

"Well you know, how I was pregnant with you at such a young age?"

Ella nodded. "16, yeah?"

Rosalin nodded. "We do not want that for you. So we think it is a good idea to put you on birth control."

I shot my head to Rosalin, "What!? We did not agree on that!"

Rosalin put her hands up to me. "Okay, I think it is a good idea to put you on birth control."

I shook my head. Rosalin turned to me. " Okay, I know we didn't talk about this, but I think it is best and I have a surprise for you Ella." Rosalin got up and went to the bed room. I just sat on the couch across from Ella with my head in my hands. Rosalin came back with a box.

"I was going to wait for your birthday, but I can't wait any longer." Rosalin handed the box to Ella and I smiled, knowing what it was.

Ella took the box in her hand and opened it. "Oh my gosh.. Mum, dad, This is beautiful." Inside the box was a Chasity ring that says 'Worth The Wait' on the outer side and 'God Knows Best' on the inner side. Ella slid the ring on her left ring finger. "I love it! Thank you!"

Rosalin grabbed my hand. "Now this is a promise you are making to us, and most importantly God, waiting till marriage for sex is the best." I felt like that was a powerful sentence.

Ella nodded. "I know. I am whiling to keep this promise. I wanted to wait till marriage anyway." 

Ella hugged Rosalin and Rosalin went to get ready fro bed. Then she walked over to me and hugged me.

"I know you know. I'm sorry, but nothing happened. Nothing bad."

I nodded. "I don't want to know what happened in details. What are you and Blain though?"

Ella shrugged. "I don't know. Friends?"

I nodded. "Keep this promise. It will safe a lot of hurt and pain."

Ella nodded. "Okay dad." She smiled

I smiled back. "No go get ready fro school. I love you!"

"I love you too dad."

It was nice seeing old friends. Seeing how their families have changed and formed and how nice it is to have them in my life. Rosalin and I, no matter how much she hates it, We need to talk to Niall. About Rosalin, now that she knows, she really has a right to see him


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