New Beginnings (Book 2)

This is book 2 of New Findings series (:

All the babies have grown up and being in a private high school isn't as fun as it all seems. Ella, Rosalin's daughter, learns more about her life then she knew and meets friends and enemies along the way! What happens that pushes Ella over the edge.


13. Chapter 13.

     The early morning sun peaking through the curtains, making me open my eyes. I squint, sit up, rubbing my eyes, and yawned. The past few days have been a mess. I'm not really sure how I made it... but I did. I checked my phone and saw a message from Blain. "My parents told me we are having dinner at your house tonight, with the some other friends." I stared at the screen trying to figure out what friends my parents have, other than the Tomlinson's. Not ringing any bells. I quickly send a quick message, "Erm.. Okay? Tonight should be interesting, Lets see what happens." I grabbed my phone and walked down stairs to the family in the kitchen sitting around the table with breakfast.

Mum set a plate on the table for me in my normal spot, "Here, I made your favorite." She smiled warmly.

I nodded, still in my waking up stage. "Thanks, What are we doing today?"

Dad sipped his tea, "Well, since you know everything now.. I figured it is time to call up the boys and have them meet you girls and us adults can catch up, their kids are around your age if not at it."

I nodded and smiled, taking a bite of the waffle in front of me. "Is my biological dad going to show up?"

Dad shook his head, "No, we all lost contact with him when he left us all."

I nodded, "I guess I should've known that."

Dad sighed, "Sorry baby. If you want to find him, I will help you."

I looked at him and smiled. "Thanks but, I know you don't want to, so please don't bother."

He nodded. "Thank you. I am going to go make the phone calls to remind Zayn and Harry."

Dad kissed mum cheek and rubbed her belly, then walked away.

I finished eating and put my plate in the sink. "Thank you mum."

I hugged her waist, she turned around and hugged me back. "I love you too baby girl."

I smiled. "What are you going to name the baby? If its a girl what? Boy?"

Mum laughed, "girl, I would say, Amara, and for a boy I would say, Lynk, maybe? Dad and I have not thought about it yet."

I smiled. " I can't wait to find out. When are people going to start showing up?"

Mum stopped cooking and started counting to herself. "It's 10 now.. People will start showing at 5.. so..8 hours!"

I laughed and walked away. I joined dad in the living room.

"Hey Zayn! Still up for tonight?....Yes.. The address is, Copse Wood Way, Northwood, HA6... Can't wait. Bring the whole family.... No he isn't.... I know... She knows... Yeah, dress nice... See you soon bud." Dad hung up the phone and smiled at me and dilled again. "Harry!... Yes, I am doing fine and you?... Yes, you remembered, and you can dress nice. Zayn is, we are here, so I would say so..." I chocked. I hate dressing up. "Our address is Copse Wood Way, Northwood, HA6.. He is not coming.. I know.. Ella... yep. See you then!"

Dad hung up the phone and turned to me, "Now that that's over. Dress nice tonight. No beanies and such. Nice dress please."

I nodded. "Can't wait to meet them."

He smiled and chuckled. "These guys have been there since you were a day old. You were a baby last time they saw you. You are so grown up." He smiled at me.

I blushed. "I love you dad." I gave him a huge hug.

He returned it and we walked into the kitchen. "Well that's done and we are dressing formal."

Calen slumped in her seat, making me giggle. I grabbed my phone. "Dress formal. Dad said everyone is dressing up formally nice... (:" I sent it and immediately got a reply. "Yes! I will dress super nice if you wear a beautiful dress?" I smiled reading the text. "Of course. This dinner will be great. People will start coming at 5 come then or be fashionably late lol" I got another quick reply. "Oh yeah! Totally. See you at 5:05 (:" I sent back a smiley face and put my phone away and started cleaning for guest, while Calen helped mum cook and dad.. Well he did nothing but try to distract me with funny faces.

It has been hours and my hands hurt from scrubbing the vases and the walls and everything. I put down the cleaning supplies.

"Dadddd!!" I hear foot steps and coming around the corner was dad in his dress clothes and non shaved face. He looked... well he is my dad, cant say that He looked great!

"Yes dear?" He smiled.

"I'm done. I cleaned everything." I grunted and wiped sweat off my face.

Dad chuckled. "It looks beautiful. Go get all dolled up for the friends. You may know some of them. They go to your school."

I nodded. They go to my school? "Okay, daddy. Love you!"

"Love you too babe!" Dad walked away fixing his expensive tie. 80 pounds just for a tie! HA. No thanks!

I walked up the stair case and to my closet to find a dress. The only dress I have is in the back, back of my closet, I swear I had more than just one. I sigh and drag it out. 'How old is this?' I think to myself. I quickly put it on and look in the mirror 'Whoa!' My eyes go wide as I look at myself in the mirror. The dress is strapless hugs my body specially my hips and stops mid thigh. I keep tugging down at the material, hoping it will get longer and looser but nothing budges. I sigh, knowing my dads reaction. I re-do my makeup and slip on my heels. I walk to the bathroom and curled my hair.

I walk out of the bathroom, pulling down my dress when Calen walks out of her room wearing a straight black dress with flats. "Whoa there big sister! What is that? A pillow case?"

I followed her fits of laughter with a much faker one. "No! It's the only dress I have!"

Calen stops laughing. "Dads so going to make you change!"

I shrug. "It is all I have."

Calen makes her way to the bathroom looking me up and down. "Nice arse by the way."

I take my hands and cover my 'arse' walking down the stairs. Heels are easy to walk in for me. I don't see dad anywhere, and trust me I'm looking. I keep tugging at the dress to go lower, still hoping it would, somehow, magically go down further. 

I spot mum coming out of the bedroom, she smiles and winks at me. "You look so hot!"

I blush, "Mum. Where are my other dresses?"

She smiled. "What 'other' dresses."

I sigh, throwing my hands up in defeat. "What time is it?"

Mum smiled, "4:50!"

I laughed and dad walked out, raking his eyes up and down my body. "Hell to the no! Ella! What are you wearing. You look older than 16!"

I sighed. "It is the only dress I have."

Dad sighed. "Ella! You look like a hooker!"

I laughed. "They get guys right?"

Dad growled. "Ella."

I again throw my hand up in defeat. "Sorry!"

"I rather you wear skinny jeans and a beanie that says "Fuck You" than you wearing a dress that shows... Everything. Go change!" Dad covered his eyes.

I would happily change but mum interfered. "No time! Someone is here!"

Dad and I groaned and He calls Calen down. Dad went to answer the door and mum, Calen, and I waited in the living room.

Dad opened the door. "Harry!! Come on in, this way."

Dad and a group of people followed in. "What a nice home you have here!" Harry said.

"Thank you! It has been forever!" Dad smiled at him.

"I know man, This is my family. Sara, my wife and our two kids, Ava,16 and Blue, 13."

I waved at Ava, not seeing her before, or not that I remember. Calen turned pale as this Blue kid smiled and waved at her. She soon smiled and waved back.

Dad nodded. "Nice to meet you all. This is my wife, Rosalin, and our 3 kids." Harry turned oddly confused and we all stood up. "Ella, 16. Calen, 13. Unborn, unknown baby 3."

Harry smiled at us all. "Ella! You were only a baby last time I saw you. You are absolutely beautiful. You look just like your mum."

I smiled. "Thank you sir!"

He chuckled. "Don't call me sir please. Call me uncle!"

I nodded. "Okay.. Uncle.." I smiled.

"Okay.. Kids... you guys can just chill in here! The adults will go to the kitchen and just talk." Dad announced. We all nodded and went to socializing.

I walked over to Ava, who just smiled slightly at me. "Hey!" I said.

Ava looked up from her phone just for a second. "Hi. I don't like you."

I gave a strange look. "Why? We just met."

She laughed. "We might have just met but Kristen is my best friend and you stole her boyfriend from her. I instantly hate you. Thanks for talking to me for two seconds." She looked up and down my body. "Whore."

I shrugged. "I didn't do anything to Kristen. Blain decided he didn't want to be with her. He is my best friend, I would never steal him like that."

Ava just laughed. "Okay, sure. We all know you like him. He likes you. Just do something about it already. Now go away."

I scuffed. "I know you are a guest and all but you are majorly rude."

She smiled, looking up from her phone. "And you are a major bitch."

I roll my eyes. "At least say something nice to me in my own house."

She laughed. "You look... like you are a whore. Guys here go for that shit. Now leave. Me. Alone."

I rolled my eyes and walked away, just for the door to ring and dad rush to the door.

"Louis! My neighbor come on in. Harry is in the kitchen."

Dad walked in and watched Blain make eye contact with my body. Blain noticed and turned red.
"You look great, Ella." He smiled.

Dad pulled Blain back with his shoulder and I can see he squeezed it. "Okay, Ava, Blue. This is Blain, Louis son. See you guys soon. After the Malik's get here, we will be seated to eat."

When my dad left, Blain walked over to me. "You do look absolutely stunning." His eyes looked up and down my body, then to my eyes. "You always look so good."

I nodded. "Thank you."

He pulled me into a hug while Ava smiled and took a picture. I know she did. I looked at her and she smiled and waved. It wasn't long until the last knock came to the door. Ava, Blain and I made small chat. Dad walked over to the door and came in the Malik family.

"Asher!" I smiled and ran over to him, giving him a hug. "I didn't know you were coming!"

He smiled, "Same! You look stunning!" He grabbed my hand and kissed it.

I felt my cheeks heat, "Thank you!"

My mum poked her head through the door, "Dinner is ready. Come on everyone!"


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