I gave you everything( justin bieber love story)


7. sleepover pt 3

Later that day

Skye Pov:

Its last period which means I have Math. Which means everyone is in that class, Ryan,Layla,Kayla,Taylor,Chaz,Selena and of course Justin. I really dont want to go to the sleepover and Kayla said that If I really dont want to go by the end of our soccer game than we dont have to go and we can just go to the mall or something. I know that Kayla,Layla,and Taylor really want to go so I dont want to ruin it for them. 

_____________MATH CLASS__________

Skye sat next to Kayla ,Layla sat next to Skye,and Taylor sat in front of Skye, 

5 minutes Later Selena and her crew walk in with Justin,Ryan, and Chaz while Skye was in the middle of talking.

Kayla: Skye they just walked in

Skye: Who?

Kayla: Justin and them

Skye: O I dont care.--shrugs her shoulders--

Justin: Aye yo Skye---walks over to Skye with Selena---

Skye: What Bieber and Slutena

Justin: I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that

Skye: no need to pretend

-----everyone laughs except Selena, Justin and Skye-----

Justin: are u coming to the sleepover or not-

Ryan: what he wanted to say was can you and your friends-winks at Kayla--come to our sleepover?

Skye:Uh N-

Kayla:Yes we will be there

Ryan: great!7 o'clock at Justin's

Kayla;we will be there

Ryan: ok,

Chaz: Skye can I talk to you for a second

Skye:Uhh yea sure


Chaz:you dont want to go do you

Skye: No to be honest I reallllllyyy  don't want to 

Chaz: then why are u gonna go

Skye: because Kayla said that If I dont go then they wont go and I don't want to ruin it for them yaknow 

Chaz: Yea I mean I don't want to spend the night with Slutena Homez

Skye: I know right.. why do you guys want us to go anyway.

Chaz: well to be honest I think Justin is trying to get closer to you and Ryan likes Kayla,Tyler likes Taylor and I like Layla

Skye: AWWW!

Chaz:---blushes--- but you cant tell her because she might not like me back.

Skye: oh she does.

Chaz: YES!

Skye; yaknow what you guys should come to our soccer game and then go to my house so we can get clothes and then we could go to Justin's after.

Chaz: thats a great idea

Skye: just dont let Justin  come okay

Chaz: yea.. okay.. but Selena is on the team he might come watch the game 

SKye: oh yea oh well

----------------------Soccer Game------------

Coach: Okay guys we are going against AIM we lost to them last year we have to beat them this year okay

SKye: okay coach ready 1-2-3 TEAM

Coach;Skye you are starting the ball

Skye: okay coach! Kayla Im passing to you first 

Kayla: Alright

------------End of Game--------

Skye:WE WON!!--high fives everyone except Selena--

Coach: good job girls

K,T,L,S: okay coach we have to go 








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