I Can See Your Halo

Harry can't stop thinking about the girl in the second row of his show. Every part of her, her blonde hair brown eyes light skin and her light pink lips. He wishes there was some way he could find her. One night when he sees her on the news, he learns a lot more about the girl that seemed so happy with the fine red lines up and down her wrists.


3. I have to go

Part 3

Skylers pov.

I wake up to camera men surrounding me. I got scared and just closed my eyes again and pretended I was sleeping. What am I going to do now? Everybody knows. Great another thing for me to be made fun of for. I wonder what they are saying abut me back at home... I hope the kids at school didn't see the news. I'm going to be made fun of like crazy now. What am I going to do? Ugh.

The doctor finally came in and checked on me. He said I could go home in two days. I hope nobody is making fun of me at school... I don't think I could take that again. I just want to sleep.

Harry's pov. (The next morning)

I need, my skinny jeans my boots and a few shirts. Oh wait and underwear and a brush one for my hair another for my teeth. I'll probably get some stuff when I'm there. She needs me now. I have to find her, I-I think she's the one for me. I can feel it.

Ever science that night at the concert in June... She hasn't left my mind. I felt something when we made eye contact. It's almost like... Like love at first sight. I'm just praying she felt it too. (Driving to the airport) "sorry boys I won't be able to make the show tonight." I said into my iPhone talking to all the boys. "Go get her hazza." Lou said.

"Make sure you buy her food. Girls love food." Niall said laughing. "Be nice to her haz. And be careful." Liam and Zayn said together. "Thanks for the support boys. I will!!" I told them and hung up. I parked my car and grabbed my suitcase. "This is it Harry. Time to meet her. You can do this." I whispered to myself before getting on the plane to st.louis.

On the plane I had to sign ten autographs and take pictures with just about every single person on the plane.

But every girl I saw, didn't even compare to skyler. She means so much to me. I can't wait to meet her.

I rented a car and drove to her small town and went to the hospital.

AUTHOURS NOTE~ once again it's just a bit short sorry 😋

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