Pokemon: Born To Be A Winner *Complete*

Rosalinda is a normal girl in the crazy world of Pokémon. She's living in Lumiose City and working for Professor Sycamore at his lab. All is going well for her until the day a boy shows up. A boy she thought had walked out of her life for good.


16. Goodbye Boys

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

"It's so cure," Bonnie squeals. Our new Pokémon we have to train is called Dedenne, and it is adorable.

"It is cute," I agree with Bonnie.

"What's first?"

"We have to get him on our side. It has to trues us. So go get the toys and things."

She smiles and heads off.

From what I've been told, this is going to be an easy Pokémon to train. It was donated by an older couple who just couldn't give him all he needed in life.

"Okay, should I give it a treat first?" Bonnie walks back, arms full of toys and treats.

"Go ahead," I smile. "This one is all yours."


"Oh yeah. I'm going to research our next Pokémon."

"Do you really trust me?"

"Of course. Besides, this one is friendly to begin with."

She nods, "I promise to do my very best and get it into our apartment as soon as possible."

I nod back at her, "I won't expect any less from you, Bonbon."

*That Night*

"It's so pretty out," I smile and look up at all the bright starts. Everyone is out on the balcony checking out the pretty stars.

"Pika!" Pichu exclaims.

"How come we've never seen the stars like this before?" Bonnie asks.

"Lumiose City has turned off its lights," Clement says.

I take a look and see all the lights are off. "Why'd they do that?"

"They do it once a month so people can get a chance to see the amazing night sky."

"I'm glad we get to see it," Ash brings me into his side.

"It's amazing," Bonnie jumps onto Clement's back.

"Pi," Pikachu pulls Pichu into a hug.

Froakie, Fennekin, Bulbasaur, and Pancham embrace in a group hug. It's wondrous what a beautiful night sky can do to a group of best friends.

*The Next Day-Late Afternoon*

I rub my temples as I advert my gaze from the computer screen. It's been a long day for me. All I've been doing is studying Furfrou; the new Pokémon that will be coming soon.

As for Bonnie, she's been training Dedenne for the better half of the day. In two days he'll be coming home with us. Then we'll be able to start work on our next Pokémon.

"Rose," Bonnie steps up beside me.

"Yes sweetheart," I say.

"Are you almost ready to leave? We've been here a really long time. I want to see Clement. He called and said hi and Ash are making dinner."

I click some things on my computer and then stand up out of my chair. "I'm ready to go. And I'm sorry I kept you here so long. I lost track of time. I just want to learn everything before the Pokémon gets here."

"It's okay," she grabs my hand and starts pulling me towards the exit. "I lost track of time as well. But now we can leave and just forget we ever stayed late."

I smile, "Whatever you say, Bonbon. Whatever you say."

*Twenty Minutes Later*

"I have to say boys, this is pretty good," I take another bite of the chicken soup.

"Thanks," Clement and Ash say at the same time.

"Not as good as Rose would do," Bonnie says. "But still pretty good." Everyone laughs.

*The Next Week-Late Morning*

"I can't believe you guts leave in three days," I sigh. Ash, Clement, Bonnie, and I are walking around the city enjoying the fish air.

"It'll be the last time we'll ever be apart," Ash squeezes my hand for a few seconds.

"We'll power through, Rosa. It'll be okay," Bonnie smiles.

"Um, Rose," Clement speaks up.

"Yes Clement," I say.

"Bonnie's been telling me a lot about Pallet Town. And well, your younger sister, Alex, do you think she'd like me?"

"Ah, so Clement's got a crush on a girl he's never met."

"Please answer the question."

"I'm pretty sure she'd like you. It's hard not to."

*Three Days Later*

"We're gonna miss you boys," I say. The boys are heading back out on their journey today, and Bonnie and I are giving them a sendoff.

"We're going to miss you girls," Ash gives a small smile.

"I'm glad this will be the last we'll be apart," Bonnie says.

"I agree to that," Clement says. "It hurts to be away from you girls."

Then Bonnie jumps into Clement's arms while Ash brings me closer so our lips connect. I don't want the moment to end. I don't want to be away from him again.

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