Let's Start Over

Perrie Edwards & Zayn Malik, the perfect engaged couple. Or so people think. Zayn & Perrie start arguing a lot & the boys of One Direction plus the girls of Little Mix, think it's time for Zayn and Perrie to take a vacation. Somewhere where paps won't find them & they can relax a bit. That place just so happens to be Rosewood. What happens when Zayn meets Aria? Will he fall for her? Will Perrie fall for Ezira? That is, if they decide not to start over..


7. Chapter 7; Nice To Meet You

~Aria's p.o.v~

I have been so uneasy about the plan we had. I woke up early and went to the grille. I ordered coffee and sat down at a table in the back. I looked around the grille seeing all familiar faces but one.

It was a guy. He had black hair, a bit of stubble, and milky brown eyes. He had a tattoos sleeve from what i can tell and perfect pink lips. He looked up and caught me staring.

I immediately looked away. One of the workers brought me my coffee and i smiled. The stranger got up and walked to the bathroom. I looked at the spot where he sat and then at the bathroom door.

My phone began to ring and i answered it. "Hello?"

"Aria, the plan is a go. Come to my place so it can begin." Spencer said, seriously.

The stranger walked out of the bathroom and he pulled out his wallet.

"I'll be right over." I said, quickly.

I left the money for my coffee and the stranger did too. He held the door open for me and i thanked him.

"Excuse me? Ma'am?" He said, as i walked out.

"Yeah?" I said, cautiously.

"Do you know if they're is any fancy restaurants here?" He asked, coming towards me.

"I'm sorry, there isn't. The grille is the fanciest it gets here." I said, laughing.

He chuckled and i smiled.

"Thanks anyway. It was nice to meet you. I'm Zayn." He said, extending out his hand.

"Aria." I replied, shaking his hand.

He smirked and walked away. He looked back at me before he turned the corner and i smiled.

I stayed looking where he was just a moment ago. I felt as if i was in a trance.

Dammit! I have to get to Spencer's!

~Zayn's p.o.v~

Is it okay that i think Aria is stunning? I know I'm engaged but Aria just blew me away.

She was beautiful. There isn't much for me to say.

I don't know why, but i want to see her while I'm here. I want to get to know her. Trust me, i was glad that she wasn't a fan. Maybe this place will be good for Perrie and i.

Or maybe we'll find what's missing. I don't care what happens, as long as it feels right, I'm going for it.


[a/n] hello my lovlies.

how are you guys lately? i just want to say sorry for a crappy chapter and for taking so long to update. i love you.


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