Shadow (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

† I fled as soon as possible, entering into a business most wouldn't consider legal. I became something I never would have. I became someone I didn't recognize, and I was more confused when he came back. Back for me. †


1. Reunited

came to the family gathering to prove to kin that I was still alive, not to be judge, or impress anyone here. But this pill was hard to swallow dry as I couldn't decipher whether or not to knock on the front door or leave while I can. I was no weakling. I became stronger overtime which something I proudly remind myself of. I gave three steady knocks, impatiently waiting for family I was once close to to open the door. The laughing inside was loud and obnoxious, folks were carrying on conversations with one another, completely ign----


---- The door abruptly opened, my mother heavily powdered with flour, "Gabriella?" She questioned. Her eyes filled with tears, and she pulled me close to her, embracing me in a hug. I was hesitant to hug her back, but eventually caved in, her warmth clouding me. "It's so delightful to see you!" Her tone was jovial as she squeezed the life out of me (not literally, of course). "Ella?" I lifted my head up to the voice, my dad standing behind my mother, bewilderment in his features. "No. No. Not happening. Get out of our house." He repeated, pointing a harsh finger towards the door.

I scuffed, "Should have known you would act bitter towards me. I'll leave, I just thought it'd be nice to visit while I'm in town." I spoke. My mother helplessly cried, placing herself between us, "We are not going to do this right now! We have guests in the other room, do you two have no shame?" My mother lectured the both of us, when it should have just been my father. As childish as this sounds, he started it. I followed the both of the them into the guest filled living room. And let me tell you... If looks could kill. 


I traced my eyes down the whole table, eyeing everyone of my family members, they stared in disgust. They were familiar with the innocent, shy, Gabriella, when in fact, I changed. "Well, everyone, I was blessed with the surprise of my Ella. She came back to visit, and hopefully stay." My mother broke the silence, seating me between her and my older brother, Lucas. Their eyes were glued on me once again, but that didn't bother me, I was use to eyes on me. It was at a sudden moment when I felt the arms of my brother wrap around me, "I missed you." He whispered into my ear. Lucas has always been sensitive, reason being why so many women adored him, and he treated them with the utmost respect.

I hugged him back, placing a quick kiss on his cheek. "Ells, this is my wonderful fiance, Diana." Lucas introduced. The woman next to him smiled, extending her hand to me, to which I shook. "Welcome to the family. I'm Gabriella, it's nice to meet you." I spoke. "Thank you. Lucas talks about you all the time. It's so nice to meet you, Gabriella." She responded. Lucas made a wise decision, the woman was beautiful; even caramel skin, long ombre hair, and from what I could tell, a slim figure. "So, Ella, how has life treated you?" My Aunt Cathy asked. She did not care how my life was, she wanted a reason to embarrass me, so I decided to keep it short and to the point.


"My life has been well, and you?" I questioned, giving her a sickening smile. "Oh, darling, life is spectacular." She gloated, returning the forced smile. "You still have an arm?" My uncle questioned. I smiled, "I'm not sure, but I would hope." I responded. Uncle Louis, was not much older than I, so he was laid back. Him and I got along very well, but it was his wife that suddenly became on the edge with me. Hell, everyone else had done the same so I wasn't surprised. "Well, we'll have to see after we eat." He suggested. I nodded in acknowledgement.  My mother walked out of the kitchen, and placed more food on the already full table. She then placed a tall glass of wine in front of me."Dig in, Ella." I reached for the roast, placing slices of the meat onto my plate, then adding mashed potatoes. The food smelled delicious as I began to eat, but my phone vibrating rapidly caused me to halt. 


It would be rude to check who was calling, but I already knew who it was. Nine times out of ten it was my boyfriend, Chris. He always had to know where I was at, always had to know what time I got home, and he always wanted me to keep tabs with him. Chris was at most times, overbearing and controlling but, I simply stayed with him because I had no where else to go. He was a rebound since my last relationship ended, and drastically changed my life, literally. "Ella." My mom called. "Yeah?" I said. She quirked her eyebrow up in confusion, "I was talking to you." She informed. I stuffed another piece of meat into my mouth, swallowed, and responded, "Sorry mom, I have a lot on my mind. What'd you say?" I asked, clearing my throat. "I asked what job do you maintain?" She inquired. 


I haven't obtained a legal job in I don't know how long. "I work as a receptionist." I replied. I guess you could call it that, I meet the men at the front, and bring them to the back. I manage the money, giving I use to be intelligent in school, and I also weigh and submit (something that has to be explained later)."That's a nice starter job, dear. I hope that you will attend college again, you were doing so well." My mother suggested. I could not go back to college, I have too much on my mind, and too much to handle. The low sound of my father scuffing was audible in the still room, I nearly rolled my eyes. "Dearest." A soft voice spoke, I recognized that voice from anywhere. I scanned the table for my grandmother, and saw her at the end of the long table. She hadn't aged much, but wrinkles were becoming more apparent on her dainty hands. She stared at me in amazement, her deep blue eyes, curious. "Grandma." I whispered, getting up from my seat and walking over to her. 


She always smelled of warm strawberries, and the wise woman always held a look of grace and justice. I took her small frame in my hold, inhaling her intoxicating scent. "I didn't see you down here." I whispered, kissing her smooth cheek. As I pulled away, she asked me a question that made my heart drop, "How come you don't come around any more, dearest?" My Aunt Heather scoffed, "She doesn't come around to see any of us, mom. She's too busy making her life hell for herself. She doesn't -" My mother interrupted her, "Don't talk about my daughter like that. She's your niece, Heather. Have you no decency?"

Aunt Cathy cut in with a shocked laugh, "I can barely recognize your daughter. She goes around town, with that thug of a boyfriend r-" I was the one to interrupt Aunt Cathy, "Aunt Cathy, last time I checked, your husband is too caught up in going around town with his assistant. Buying her nice things; jewelry, cars, hotel rooms. While you stay at home wondering where on earth could he be. Or does he lie to you and say he has to stay at work late? Need I say more?" I encouraged, throwing my hands up dramatically. "Gabriella!" My mother and grandmother shrieked. 


The door bell rang twice, my mother got up to get it but I held my hand up, "No, I was just leaving, I'll get it." I stated. I gave grandma another bearing hug, "I'm sorry. I love you." I whispered into her ear. I went around the table, giving hugs to those who I still considered family, and even added a hug to Diana. "I am so sorry I came, and ruined you all's perfect dinner. Trust me, It'll never happen again." I added slowly. The sounds of my heels clicked, as the silence was deadly. I made it into the foyer, hand ready to open the door. "Ella, wait." My mother called out behind me. She slid a piece of paper in my hand, "Please don't think I've turned my back on you. I love you, and I want you to call me any time. Any time, Ella." She placed a kiss on my cheek. Her eyes held a sheet of tears, begging to escape. "I'm sorry." I whispered, opening the door.


I gasped, the sight before me equally as surprised. They invited him to this family lunch? They invited the man that ruined my life not nearly a year ago? Tears were now building up in my eyes, his arm was hung loosely around the woman he left me for. She looked confused as her new man and I stared at each other. I laughed with no humor involved, "Wow." I began to clap, "Bravo. You really got me here, mom." She was quick to try to grab my arm, but I bagged away, "D-Don't you touch me!" I yelled. I turned back at the heartless man and his mistress, "Honestly? I hope you're happy with him. He left me for you, he'll do the same to you." I shakily said. I pushed them aside, but stopped in front of the man I use to claim I love, "Do me a favor? Got to hell. You and your ugly bitch. Burn there." I demanded. I walked away, tears finally escaping my eyes as the new couple and my mother stood there, neither of them saying a word. 



When I made it home, I literally dragged myself up the steps. This pang in my chest was back again, and it hurt like hell. I opened the door to Chris' and I shared apartment, his body automatically attaching to mine, kissing down the length of my neck. "Babe, not now." I plainly spoke, struggling to take my jacket off as he kept up with the act. "Why didn't you answer my calls?" He inquired. His looks were deadly serious, as he stared into my soul. "I was busy." I responded, easing my way around him, but his hand gripped my wrist, "Are you cheating on me?" He interrogated. I turned around, "Why would you think that? Chris, I'm not in the mood for the interrogation. I just want to lie down." I finished, gradually walking up the steps. If I told Chris where I went, he would lecture me about seeing my family, and how that don't truly love me and blah blah blah. His hands forced me to turn around, "Busy doing what? Cheating on me? If you're cheating on me, just flat out say it." He demanded. 


"If I said that, I would be lying. Could you just trust me for once? I screamed, raising my voice. His hands pulled my body to the front of his, no space between us. "If you weren't cheating you wouldn't be so offensive." His hand reached up, begging to slap me, I eased back in defense. "Now, be honest, are you cheating on me?" He wondered, dominant in the air. "No." I whispered. A pang went to my cheek, as I fell on our steps. More tears stung my eyes as the hardness of the wooden steps pained the back side of my body. "When you stop lying to me, you can come into our room." He finished, making his way up the steps. 


This is what my life has come to. I cried out, not caring who was listening or how weak I looked and felt.





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BTW: India Eisley is who I think Gabriella would look like. India plays the sister on Secret Life of an American Teenager. She's gorgeous, look her up. 

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