Just Two YouTubers *Complete*

Chloe is just another normal girl from a small town in England. She's nothing special, but she does know Dan Howell. So, when her parents kick her out off the house, he's the only one who opens his flat to her. Then what happens when she gets sucked into YouTube?


15. PlayList Live

*Quite A Lot Of Time Later*

"Come on girls, just a little ways more," Phil says as we're walking down the hallway to our hotel room.

"How much farther?" Riley whines.

"Two steps," Dan stops and opens up a door. "Well, more, but whatever."

The next few minutes are kind of a blur. Somehow I get into the room and carefully put my bad next to the couch. Then I kick off my shoes and jump into the nearest bed. Not even trying to get under the covers because of how tired I am. The darkness overtakes me in seconds. Sleep is just what I need.

*Two Days Later-Early Afternoon*

"Okay, so in four hours we're going to meet back here," Phil says. We're inside the Playlist Live convention center. The boys got us passes so we can get backstage and talk one on one with any YouTuber we want.

"We know. You've told us multiple times," I sigh.

"Be good girls," Dan smiles. Then he gives me a kiss while Phil gives Riley a kiss. Then we're off.

*Thirty Minutes Later*

"I can't believe Marcus Butler, Casper Lee, and Alfie Deyes are standing in front of me," I smile.

"Well, we can't believe Dan Howell and Phil Lester's girlfriends are standing in front of us," Marcus smiles.

"I should interview you girls on my channel," Casper smiles and nods a few times.

"You wouldn't mind if we collaborate at the hotel, would you?" Alfie asks. "With you girls, of course."

"That sounds really fun," Riley smiles.

"How does tomorrow night sound?" Marcus asks.

"Sounds perfect," I smile.

*Two Hours Later*

We ran into Zoella just a bit ago and we're gonna be on her channel as well. I'm going to show people how to do different face paintings. We also ran into Grace Helbig, Smosh, Joey Graceffa, Jenna Marbles, Lisa Schwartz, Shane Dawson, and Cat Valdes. Cat is coming with us to Disney because she's awesome and I wanted her to.

Anyways, now we are looking around for Toby Turner. He's a pretty awesome gamer and he does pretty good sketches.

"I think that' him," Riley points ahead of us.

"I think you might be right," I smile.

After a few minutes, we catch up with the man who we think is Toby. And it turns out to be him.

"Hello girls," he smiles at us. "I see you two must be important."

I giggle, "Just a tad."

"Follow me and we can go get some coffee and talk while sitting."

"Sounds like a plan," Riley says.

"Are you two really British?"

"Yeah, and we're here with British YouTubers," I smile.

"That's awesome. Now come one, coffee is waiting for us."

*That Night*

"So many YouTubers," I smile. "It was so much fun."

"It's over now," Dan frowns.

"Yeah, that sucks," Riley says.

"Sure," I start. "But we are going to help some people make some videos."

"Who?" Phil asks.

"Cat, Marcus, Alfie, Casper, and Zoe."

"It's going to be so much fun," Riley smiles. "Also, we got recognized today."

"You did?" Dan asks.

"Quite a lot," I shrug. "Nothing big. Gave a few autographs, took a few pictures, and answered some questions."

"What kind of questions?" Phil asks.

"They were asking if Chloe and I would ever make a YouTube channel," Riley answers.

"Are you guys going to?"

"I don't know," I say. "Personally I'm not cut out for YouTube. It's fun being on other channels, but that's all I really want to do to be on YouTube."

"That's alright babe," Dan brings me into a hug. "You keep invading other people's channels."

"I will," I smile. "Now let's get to bed. We've got things to do tomorrow."

"Oh, and Cat's coming with us to Disney," Riley says.

"Yeah. Hope that's okay with you boys."

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