Just Two YouTubers *Complete*

Chloe is just another normal girl from a small town in England. She's nothing special, but she does know Dan Howell. So, when her parents kick her out off the house, he's the only one who opens his flat to her. Then what happens when she gets sucked into YouTube?


6. Cute Couple

*The Next Morning*

I wake up even closer to Dan than I remember. His breath tickling the back of my neck. A bit of squirming around and I can look at his face. Such an adorable look he has when he's sleeping.

I reach my hand up and start messing with his curly hair. A part of me really wants me to call him mine, but another part says to wait. You have to let feelings develop again. Though, my feelings for Dan never left. Sure, I dated some guys and told them thing I shouldn't have, but I was always thinking of Dan.

After a tiny bit of time, I get restless waiting for Dan to wake up, so I start lightly tickling his bare tummy.

Dan gives a small laugh, "I'm awake now Chloe. Miss me?" he slowly opens his eyes. His sexy brown eyes.

"Good morning Daniel," I give a tiny smile.

"Morning Buttercup. Did I keep the nightmares away?"

"You did," I start drawing random shapes on his stomach and chest.

"That's good. You know, you can sleep with me anytime you have a nightmare."

"I hope they start going away. They scare me so much," my finger stops moving.

Dan grabs my hand, "I'll always be here to protect you, love. Don't worry about your ex. He's out of your life, and I'm gonna try and take his spot. But as a loving, caring boyfriend." Then he gives me a kiss. So sweet and full of promises. For a few seconds, I kiss back. Then Dan pulls away. "You're one interesting girl." He puts his fingers up the hem of my shirt.

"Dan, let's go get breakfast. I don't want anything to happen," I slip out of his grip and out of bed.

"Fine. Let's go," he gets out of bed and grabs a shrit that he quickly puts on.

We walk out of his room and to the kitchen where Phil is making breakfast.

"Good morning Phil," I plop down on a bar stool.

"You have a good sleep?" Phil asks as he slides me a bowl of cereal.

I smile, "I did."

"With me," Dan comes up behind and puts his arms around my stomach.

"You two make a cute couple," Phil smiles as he slides me a cup of coffee.

"We...we aren't a couple," I say.

"I know. You should be. Were you at one time?"

"We were. Very much in love, too."

"You never stop loving someone, you know that?"

I nod, "I know."

"You love me?" Dan asks.

"Listen Dan, I've always loved you, but you left me. I just feel you don't love me like you did. I want to get to know you again. Once that happens, I'll think about us becoming a couple. For now, just back off."

He lets go of me, "Okay Chloe. I'll let you do things your way. I'll follow whatever you say."

"You guys are so in love," Phil takes his breakfast into the living room.

Oh Phil, you are so dead on. We are in love with each other more than we even know.

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