Just Two YouTubers *Complete*

Chloe is just another normal girl from a small town in England. She's nothing special, but she does know Dan Howell. So, when her parents kick her out off the house, he's the only one who opens his flat to her. Then what happens when she gets sucked into YouTube?


13. Christmas

*Three Days Before Christmas*

"I'm sad and happy. Happy to be being with you on Christmas but sad to leave Phil and Riley," I smile.

"I know how you feel," Dan grabs my hand. We're on a train as it is the quickest way to get back to Dan and mines hometown.

"Do you think your mum will be happy to see me?"

"More like surprised and then happy. I didn't tell her you were coming."

"Daniel, that's so mean."

"I told her I was bringing a guest, but not that it was you. She knows I'm bringing a girl, so it'll all be fine."

"You are a trickster Daniel Howell. I love you all the same though."

"Of course you do. How could you not love me?"

I give him a small shove, "Oh shut up."

*A Few Hours Later*

Dan and I, with our suitcases trailing behind us, walk up to his parents' house front door. "Ready for this?" Dan asks.

"Of course," I smile. "Your parents love me and will be happy to see me."

Then he rings the doorbell. "They love us together."

A few seconds later the door opens and Dan's mum is standing before us. "Daniel," she smiles. "Chloe, my goodness. I haven't seen you in a long time."

"Can we come in mum?" Dan sighs. "It's freezing out here."

"Of course. Come in," she moves out of the way so we can step inside.

"It's very nice to see you, Mrs. Howell," I smile as she shuts the door.

"It's nice to see you too, dear. I would've never guessed that you would be Dan's special guest."

"Speaking of special," Dan starts helping me take my coat off. "Chloe and I are back together, mum."

"Aw, I always knew you two would get back together one day. You two are perfect for each other."

"What's going on out here?" Dan's dad comes into the front door hallway. "Why hello Chloe."

"Hi Mr. Howell," I smile.

"Hey dad," Dan says.

"Daniel," Mr. Howell nods. "Are you and Chloe back together?"

"We are," Dan nods.

"Good. She's the best girl for you."

*That Night*

"I love your parents," I smile as I flop into Dan's bed.

"They didn't have to ask such embarrassing questions," Dan sighs and flops down next to me.

"So they wanted to know how we go back together, so what?"

"They kept digging. Then my brother, oh gosh."

"That was embarrassing. I can't believe he'd ask about our private lives."

"He didn't even ask it like that, though, just asked it out right."

"Good thing your parents weren't in the room," I turn to face him.

"Oh gosh. How would we have faced them? Telling them we've gone all the way."

"We wouldn't be sleeping together right now. I'd go crazy without you."

"I'd go crazy without you too."

"I think, besides all the awkwardness of this evening, this trip is going to be a lot of fun."

"I'm glad you came," he pulls me closer to him and kisses my temple. "Christmas is so close. I just want it to be here."

"Same. Wait all year for one day to get presents. Well, I guess you get present on you birthday, but still. It's crazy."

Dan chuckles, "I understand Chloe. It's pretty crazy."

"I still wish it was Christmas, though."


"Chloe, Chloe, Chloe," Dan's voice fills my ears as my body awakes.

"Ugh, what Daniel?" I groan. It's too early to be waking up.

"Well, it's Christmas morning and I want to get your ass out of bed so we can go open our presents."

My eyes snap open, "Why didn't you say so. Come on, presents are waiting to be opened."

We take five minutes to get up and out of bed and downstairs to the living room where the presents are. It's just us, so Dan grabs the presents we got for each other.

"You go first," I smile as he sits down next to me on the couch.

"Alright," Dan smiles. Then he starts ripping into his wrapped box. I got Dan a black t-shirt with a lot of his favorite video game logos on it. "This is sweet, Buttercup. Thanks so much," he gives me a small smile. "I'd kiss you, but nasty morning breath."

I giggle, "We'll kiss later. Now onto my gift." I tear open my box and smile as I get to its contents. Dan got me a necklace with a Pokéball on it and a ring with a Pokéball on it as well. "Aw, thank you so much, Daniel. These are so cute. I love them. I'll wear them every day once we get home."

"The ring is kind of like a promise ring," he smiles.

"I've never had a promise ring before. Thank you so much."

"How about we go brush our teeth so we can kiss?"

"Sounds good to me. Let's go."

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