Summer Love

Rebecca and Sarah have been friends since they were little. And now they are sharing a new adventure of their own, that is away from home, and with no parents around either. When Rebecca and Sarah go to the last One Direction concert of the TMH tour, both of their lives are turned upsidedown. But for better or for worst? A certain blond, blue-eyed boy steps into the life of Rebecca and leaves a mark. Alot can happen in a short period of time that can leave scars forever. Are friendships made or broken? Does love blossom or do hearts break?


18. The Beach House

Rebecca’s P.O.V.

I pealed my eyes open at the sound of my alarm going off. It sounded like a ticker of a bomb about to go off; it was really annoying. I slapped my hand down on the button to shut it off and let my arm fall to my bed side. ‘Not enough sleep.’ I thought. Sarah and I got home from the party last night at 3 o’clock in the morning. It’s now 9:30 AM. And the guys are coming at 12.

“OH MY GOD! The guys are coming at 12! How could I forget?!” I whisper-shouted to myself as I threw my covers back and jumped out of bed. I got dressed in my running clothes, trying to be as quiet as possible, not wanting to wake up Sarah.

I finished getting dressed and grabbed my phone. As I was walking out of my room, my phone started to ring. I literally sprinted out of the house to the outside because my phone ringer was loud and I still didn’t want to wake up Sarah. I don’t know why my phone volume was set so high.

I looked down at the caller ID. It was Niall. A big smile spread across my face.

“Hey, Niall!” I said as I answered the phone.

“Nope. Not Niall.” I heard a male voice say from the other end of the line. It definitely was not Niall.

“What? Who is this?” I asked, confused.

“Give me the phone!” I heard another voice say in the background. There were some sounds of shuffling and then the sound of someone laughing.

“Rebecca?” I heard a familiar, thick, Irish voice say.


“Hi!” Niall said in a cute voice. I smiled at his peppiness.

“Hi, Niall!” I said again. “Who was that before?”

“Louis.” Niall said in a scoff. “I’m sorry ‘bout him. He wanted me to call you, but I thought it was too early. And then he went and took my phone without me knowing and called you.”

I started to laugh. “It’s okay. Tell Louis that I said ‘Hi!’.”

“Sure thing.” Niall paused. “LOUIS! Rebecca says ‘Hi!’.” Niall screamed. I picked the phone off of my ear because he basically screamed right into it and I started to chuckle.

“Hi Buttercup!” I heard Louis scream from the background.

“Did you hear that?” Niall asked chuckling.

“Yes.” I said laughing again.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?!” Niall said in a concerning voice.

“No, no. I was already up.”

“Oh, ok. Why you up so early? Especially after a late night like last night. The lads literally had to drag my arse out of bed.” Niall and I started to laugh.

“I am going for a run.” I said to answer his question after our fit of laughter.

“Oh. Good for you!”

“Thanks.” I chuckled. “Why did you guys get up so early?”

“I honestly have no idea. I don’t even know why Louis wanted me to call you this morning. The boys came in my room and woke me up by jumping on my bed.” Niall and I started to laugh again. “The only thing keeping me awake right now is coffee.”

“Oh. I know that feeling.”

“Yeah, right--” Niall paused. I could hear whispering in the background. “Rebecca? Can you hold on for a minute?” Niall asked sweetly.

“Yeah, sure. Take your time.” I started to look around at where I was. I didn’t even notice myself start to walk away from my house while I was talking to Niall. I was a couple of houses down from mine.

“Rebecca? You still there?”

“Nope.” I said sarcastically and smiled; not that Niall could see it.

“Funny.” Niall stated blandly, then started to laugh. “I now know why the boys wanted me to call you.”

“Oh, yeah? What is it?” I asked teasingly.

“We need directions.” Niall stated blandly again.

“Ooohhh sssshhh-sugar.” I said correcting myself, then giving myself a face-palm.

“Sugar?” Niall chuckled.

“I don’t know.” I said chuckling. “I will have to text them to you. Is that ok?”

“Yeah. Per-fect. Thanks.”

I smiled at his cute gesture. “Sorry, I should’ve gave them to you last night.”

“No, no. It’s fine. We just want to scope out the time we have. How long it will take us to get there. How much time we have to get dressed and what not. You know?”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“Alright then, Rebecca. Hopefully, we can pick up this chat later. Yeah?” Niall said sweetly.

“That sounds lovely.” I said sweetly. A smile forming on my face.

“I’ll see you later, Rebecca.”

“Bye, Ni--”

“Oh, Rebecca! Wait!” Niall said, cutting me off. “Do you want us to bring anything?!”

I chuckled. This conversation sounds a lot like the one we had two days ago. “No, no. I don’t think so. Just swimsuits and towels.”

“Ok, sounds good. Let us know if you think of anything though.” Niall paused. “You know? This conversation sounds just like the first one we had a couple of days ago.”


“You know, I was just thinking that.” I chuckled.

“No! No, you weren’t! Creepy.”

“Bye, Niall.” I smiled.

“Bye, Rebecca.” We both hung up.

I put my phone in my arm band and plugged in my music. It is now 10 AM.


I returned from my run at 10:45 AM. I walked through the door of the beach house and heard a lot of commotion coming from the kitchen. I guess Sarah is up now. I walk into the kitchen and see her opening up and closing the kitchen cabinets frantically. I leaned against the entranceway frame and watched her.

“What in the world are you doing?!” I asked giggling.

She looked at me with wide eyes. “We have no food! No snacks. Nothing. Nothing to offer the guys when they get here!”

My eyes went wide too. “Are you serious?!” I walked over to the cabinets and started to open them, look into them and close them again when I saw that there was no food.

“Yeah! Why do you think I was doing that before, genius?” Sarah asked sarcastically.

“I don’t know. I thought you were losing it or something.” I answered her as I continued to look into all the cabinets.

“You’re hilarious, Rebecca. You really are.” Sarah said sarcastically.

“Thanks. I try.” I paused and looked at her. “I can’t believe it. We ate all those bags of chips and sandwiches?!”

“Yeah, I guess. It has just been us here all week. We haven’t gone out or anything.”

“Wow.” I said astonished. “I feel fat.”

“I do too.” Sarah said nodding her head. We both looked at each other and started to laugh, knowing that neither one of us really cared. “But that’s not the point! Rebecca, what are we going to do?”

I thought about what Niall said on the phone before. But I didn’t want to do that. To call and ask him to bring food deliberately after I said we didn’t need anything. I would feel really bad. I looked at Sarah.

“I guess we have to go to the supermarket.”

Sarah nodded at me. “Ok. Lets go.” We started to walk towards the door until I stopped us both.

“Wait. One of us has to stay here. The boys are going to be here soon. It’s 11 o’clock. And I know that if we both go, we won’t be back in time for them.”

“You’re right. I’ll stay.” Sarah said with a smile.

“What?! Why?!”

“Well, that’s your car out there.” Sarah pointed to my car outside. “I don’t think you want me driving it. I probably will rush and crash it. And besides you are better under pressure than I am.”

Sarah was right. Plus I didn’t want a dead friend. “Ok, fine. I will go.” I grabbed my phone, sunglasses, keys and wristlet wallet. “Do you want anything specific?”

“Cheese-doodles!” Sarah screamed with a smile.

“Of course.” I said back with a smile. That was stupid question. Sarah loves cheese-doodles.

“Wait! What should I tell them if they get here before you’re back?”

“Well tell them the truth, obviously. I am just going to the store, not committing a murder.” I chuckled at my own sarcasm.

Sarah crossed her arms over her chest and stared at me with a smirk across her face. “Just leave.”

“Bye, Sarah.” I said sweetly and walked out the door.


Rebecca’s P.O.V.

I arrived at the supermarket at 11:20 AM. ‘Ugh. Why did the beach house have to be so far from town?’ I thought. ‘It took me just 20 minutes to get here.’

I speed-walked, almost ran, into the store. I grabbed a cart and headed for the chip aisle. Boy, do they have a selection. I grabbed a bag of cheese-doodles for Sarah and a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips for myself; they’re my favorite. I stepped back and took a look at all my options, trying to think what the boys, Perrie and Eleanor would like.

My phone started to ring. It is probably Sarah asking where I am, and then she is probably going to tell me that everyone is already at the beach house. But to my surprise, it wasn’t her. It was Niall.

I slid my finger across the screen to unlock it and answer it.

“Hello again.” I said sweetly.

“Hey!” I heard Niall say from the other end.

“What’s up?”

Niall sighed. Uh-oh. That can’t be a good sign. “We got a problem.”

‘Oh-no. I really wanted them to come to the house today. I really want to hang out with Niall.’ I thought. I could feel my heart sink a little.

I sighed. “Niall, if it is too much, I understand. You guys don’t have to come if--”

Niall cut me off. “What?! Are you crazy?! We’re still coming. We want to come. I want to come.”

I smiled as Niall emphasized the last part. “Oh, okay. Sorry. What is your problem then?” I said, getting cheerful again that they were still coming.

“The girls don’t have swimsuits. Well, they didn’t pack any. So we are going to be a little late because we have to stop and pick up some for them. Is that ok?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. That actually works out great.”

“It does? How?”

“Well, you see… I thought we had food in my house but I guess Sarah and I finished it all. So, right now I am at the store picking up some things, and I probably wasn’t going to make it back in time to meet you guys when you get to the house.”

“Why didn’t you just call me? We would’ve picked stuff up.”

He is so sweet and generous. It made me stomach flutter and I smiled. “Well… I felt bad.” I said letting my voice gradually get softer. “Because I already told you I had stuff and when we realized we didn’t have anything, I felt that it was wrong to ask you to pick stuff up.”

“Rebecca, don’t feel bad. We don’t mind.”

I felt myself blush. “Well, thanks though. But I am already here. What type of chips do you guys like?”

Niall started to laugh. “Well, Harry likes pretzels. And Liam likes Doritos.”

“Ok.” I said as I found the bags of specific chips and put them in my cart. “What about you, Louis, Zayn, Eleanor and Perrie?”

“Hmmmm…. What else you got?”

“Cheese-doodles and Sour-cream and onion potato chips.”

“Oooo, those are good.” I started to giggle at Niall. “What? They are!”

“I know. I know. Why do you think I am buying them?”

Niall started to laugh. “Ok, throw a bag of Sun-chips and Fritos in there and you’re good. I don’t want you buying to much for us. Now I feel bad. We will pay you back.”

“No, please. I don’t mind at all. Keep your money. I am the one who invited you to my house so I should provide the food.”

“You’re too funny, Rebecca.” Niall chuckled. I heard whispering in the background from Niall’s end of the phone. “Rebecca, we got another problem.”

“Ok, what is it?” I asked as I started to push my cart.

“Do you know any good stores that have swimsuits?”

“Ummm, I don’t. I am not that good with the area yet.” I paused and looked around. I spotted a lady at the end of the aisle. She looked nice enough that she would want to help me out. “Niall, can you hold on for a minute?”

“Yeah, ok.”

I walked over to the lady, who looked like she couldn’t decide which bag of chips she wanted.

“Excuse me?” I asked politely. She looked up at me and smiled. “I was wondering if you could help me with something?”

“Sure. What is it?” She said sweetly.

I smiled at her. “Well, I am new to the area, and I have friends visiting me today. We are supposed to go to the beach but my friends need to get some swimsuits. Do you know any good stores that sell swimsuits?”

The lady smiled at me again and nodded. “Oh, there are a bunch around here, darling. I recommend going to Pacsun on Main Street. They have some really cute stuff in there.”

I smiled back at her. “Thank you so much for your help.”

She smiled again. “No problem. Have fun at the beach.”

“Thank you.” The lady smiled at me once more and walked away. I picked up my phone again to speak to Niall.


“Did you really just ask a stranger for a swimsuit store?” Niall asked chuckling.

“Yeah, so what? I got an answer for you.” I smiled at him. “Pacsun on Main Street.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks Rebecca.”

“No problem.”

“I will see you in a little bit.” Niall said sweetly. Another question popped into my head.

“Wait, Niall!”


“Is anyone allergic to dogs?”

“No. No one is allergic to dogs. Why?” Niall paused. “Wait, is your dog here with you? The one you guys were talking about backstage?”


“Peachy, wasn’t it?” Niall asked. His voice told me he wasn’t a hundred percent sure.

“Peachy?” I couldn’t help but laugh at that one. “Precious.”

“Hey, I was close.”

“No, you weren’t.” I said teasingly and still laughing.

I know Niall had a smile across his face. “Goodbye Rebecca. I will see you and Precious in a little while.” He said sweetly but emphasizing the ‘Precious’ part.

“Ok, Niall. Bye.”

“Byeeee.” Niall said once more and we hung up.

After I hung up with Niall, I continued to walk around the store, thinking of things I could get. I grabbed a case of can sodas and a case of water bottles. I went over to the fruit aisle and picked up some pineapple, cherries, grapes and strawberries. After I think I got everything I wanted, I headed over to the checkout area. As I was waiting on line something caught my eye. I looked over and saw a big poster of One Direction. The poster was a picture of the boys smiling their adorable smiles. Below the poster were shelves that held their albums. I had the sudden urge to walk over there and buy their albums. And I did. I walked over to the shelves and picked up both copies of their albums: Up All Night and Take Me Home. Deluxe versions.

I smile down at the things I am holding in my hands. It’s crazy to think that the guys in the picture are coming over my house soon. That just doesn’t happen.


It’s crazy to think that these guys are growing on me. And I am falling for them. Well, falling for one of them.


Niall’s P.O.V.

“We will be back as soon as possible.” Zayn said as him, Perrie, Eleanor, and Louis got out of the car and shut the doors behind them. I watched as all four of them walked up to the Pacsun store, the one Rebecca told us about, and entered it.

I threw my head back and sighed. I just really wanted to get to the beach house and see Rebecca again.

“Niall? Are you alright?” Liam said. I looked over at him. He had his sunglasses perched on the bridge of his nose, his eyes peering over the rim of them, looking at me.

We were all wearing sunglasses and hooded sweatshirts with the hoods up. I know it sounds weird to be wearing this stuff in a car but we don’t want to be recognized by someone. Because then it will just get a little crazy. And we don’t want to be followed either.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little anxious that’s all.” I said back to Liam.

“Anxious? Why?” Harry said, chiming in from the back seat.

Liam and I were sitting behind the driver and passenger seats; the back seats or the second row in the car. The driver and passenger seats were empty because Louis and Eleanor are not here. Louis was the one driving; although I don’t think that is the greatest idea in the world.

Harry was sitting in the way back, the third row. When the car is all filled up it is Louis in the driver seat, Eleanor in the passenger seat, Liam behind the driver seat, me behind the passenger seat, Perrie sits in the middle of me and Liam, and then it is Harry and Zayn in the way back.

I turned to face Harry. “I-I…” I paused to think about what I wanted to say. “… I just want to get there and see her again, but I am nervous at the same time.”

I sighed again and turned back to my regular position. I looked down at my hands and started to fumble with them.

“Just be yourself, mate. You always are. You will hook her that way.” Liam said. I looked over at him and he had a smile on his face. I smiled and started to shake my head, chuckling at him.

“Tell me… How did Rebecca seem on the phone? When you spoke with her before.” Liam asked again.

I looked up at him. “She seemed… happy. She was making jokes with me and we were laughing.” I paused to think. “… When I told her that we had a problem about getting the girls bathing suits, Rebecca thought we weren’t coming and she sounded really sad. But when I told her that we still were, she got really cheerful again.”

Liam smiled at me. I watched as he turned to Harry and they share a glance and smirked at each other.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about, mate.” Liam said with a smile.

“Sounds like she is already putty in your hands.” Harry said with a cheeky smile. We all started to laugh.

“Thanks, mates.” I said to Liam and Harry. They made me feel a lot better. Now I definitely can’t wait to get to the beach house.

After awhile of waiting, I check my phone for the time. It is 12:00 PM. They have been in the shop for about 20 minutes. ‘Ugh. Hurry up! I really want to go.’ I thought. I was about to call Zayn’s cell phone, when I see Perrie, Eleanor, Louis and Zayn walking out of the store. They quickly got into the car before a big group of people walked past the car.

“Sorry, lads. The girls couldn’t make up their minds.” Louis said while he was starting the car.

“Hey!” Perrie said, acting offended.

“It’s alright.” Liam said. “It was mostly Niall who was getting impatient.” Liam said chuckling.

I looked at him with wide eyes. ‘What did he do that for?!’ I thought. Liam continued to chuckle at me.

Perrie looked at me and smiled. “Sorry, Niall.”

“It’s ok.” I said back to her with a shy smile. Perrie smiled again and patted my leg.

“Well, we won’t keep you waiting any longer, Niall.” Louis said teasingly, as he pulled the car out of its parking spot and started to drive on the road.

I looked out the window of the car and watched as blur of colors passed by. ‘I wasn’t that impatient, was I?’ I thought. I feel bad now. By the lads understand how I feel. That certain feeling you get about a certain girl. The lads have all been there before… but I am there right now.


Rebecca’s P.O.V.

I pulled up to my beach house at 12:00PM. I started to honk the horn of my car to get Sarah out here to help me with the groceries I just bought. I get out of the car to see Sarah running out of the house.

“Hey! You’re back soon. I thought you were the guys.” Sarah said to me as I opened the trunk of my car.

“Nope, it’s me.” I handed her a bag. “The boys are going to be a little late.”

“But they’re still coming right?!” Sarah asked getting a little worried.

I chuckled at her. “I said ‘late’. Not ‘not coming at all’.”

“Ok, good.” She let out a sigh of relief. “Why are they coming late then?”

“Perrie and Eleanor didn’t have swimsuits, so they had to stop and get them some.”

“Oh, ok.” Sarah paused. I watch as her eyes squinted a little and a smirk appeared on her face. “How did you know they were going to be late?”

I shook my head and chuckled. “Niall called me.”

Sarah’s smirk grew into a smile and she nodded her head.

“Oh, shut it, Sarah!”

“What?! I didn’t say anything!!” She said giggling.

“Your face says it all!” I say through my giggle. “C’mon lets get these bags inside.” We collected all the bags from the car and walked inside. We placed them down on the kitchen table.

“Now what?” Sarah asked, looking at me.

I look at her and smile. “Ahhhh, I don’t know.” We both chuckle and then stare again at the bags on the table. “I guess we can put the water bottles and cans of sodas in the cooler outside with ice.”

“That’s a good start.” Sarah said, nodding.

Sarah and I started to open the packages and put the water and soda in the cooler. After, I got some ice from the freezer and put it in the cooler as well to keep the drinks cold. I walk back into the house to see Sarah putting the fruit in the fridge.

“What are we going to do about the chips?” Sarah asked me.

I have some big, colorful bowls. We can put them in there. But we won’t open the bags until they get here, that way they stay fresh.”

“Sounds good.” Sarah said.

I found the bowls I was talking about and started to wash them in the sink.

“I am going to go a put on my swimsuit.” I heard Sarah say from behind me.

“Ok.” I said back to her. I heard footsteps walk away and down the hall. Then I heard the sound of a door closing.

It has been a couple of minutes. I was almost done washing the bowls, when my phone started to ring.

‘Ugh.’ I thought. ’Really? You have to ring now when my hands are wet.’

“Sarah!! Sarahhhhh!!” I yelled for her. Sarah came running into the kitchen with her black bikini on, and with a pair of dark-wash denim shorts with rips in them over the bottoms of her swimsuit.

“What?! Are you okay?!” She asked frantically. I think she thought I hurt myself.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Can you answer my phone for me? Its on the table.”

“Yeah, sure.” Sarah said. She walked over to it and picked it up. She looked at the screen then back up at me. “It’s Niall.” She said in a soft voice, her eyes going a little wide.

“Well, answer it.” I said back to here.

She slid her finger across the screen and brought the phone up to her ear.

“Hello?” She said into it.


Niall’s P.O.V.

We were about 5 minutes away from Rebecca and Sarah’s beach house. I decided to call them to make sure they were going to be home when we arrived. I call Rebecca’s cell phone and the car got really quiet. I knew they all wanted to listen to the conversation that was about to take place. This is going to be a bit awkward.

One ring. Two ring. ‘C’mon Rebecca, pick up the phone.’ I thought. Three ring. Finally someone picked up.

“Hello?” I heard a gentle, kind voice say from the other end. This voice sounded sweet but I knew that it wasn’t Rebecca.

“Sarah?!” I asked a little confused.


“Hi, it’s Niall.”

“Hey!” She said more cheerful.

“Listen, we are about 5 minutes away from your house. Are you guys home?”

“Yeah, we’re here.”

A smile spread across my face. “Great! See you in a few.”

“Ok. Bye Niall.” Sarah said sweetly.

“Bye Sarah.” I hung up the phone.


Sarah’s P.O.V.

I hung up the phone with Niall and placed it down gently on the table. That was my first ever phone call with one of the boys from One Direction. ‘Oh my god!!’ I thought.

“What did Niall say?” Rebecca asked.

I looked at her. She had her back to me and was leaning over into the sink, cleaning the colorful bowls. Rebecca’s arms were covered in soap bubbles up to her elbow.

“Niall said that they will be here in about 5 minutes.”

“WHAT?!” Rebecca screamed and looked at me. “Sarah, can you please finish washing the bowls for me? I have to go and get dressed.”

I nodded and smiled. “Of course, let me go get a shirt.”

I ran into my room and threw on a plain white t-shirt over my swimsuit and went back into the kitchen. I took the bowls for Rebecca and continued to wash them. I watched Rebecca as she dried off her arms and hands and then ran out of the kitchen to her bedroom.

I finished washing the bowls and quickly dried them off. I placed them on the kitchen table and placed the bags of chips into each one of them. I then went and got two large bed sheets and walked out to the back, which is the beach. I opened the folded sheets and shook them in the middle of the air, then placed them on the sand. When everybody gets here, we can all sit on the sheets and talk, and avoid getting all sandy.

I walked back into the house and heard the doorbell ring. My feet came to an immediate stand still. I could not move. They’re here. I looked at the clock on the stove; it said 12:30 PM. The doorbell rang again and again and again. It was being rung continuously; and I have a pretty good idea of who was doing it too. ‘Whoops! I better answer the door.’ I thought.

“Rebecca!! They’re HERE!!” I yelled down the hallway.

“Coming!” I heard her say, although it was muffled because of the walls.

I ran over to the front door and placed my hand on the knob. I slowly turned it and pulled open the door. I open the door to see many happy and smiling faces at me. But it was Harry who was standing right in front of me with a cheeky smile spread across his face. I knew it was him that was ringing the doorbell.

“HELLOOOOO!!” Everyone said to me.

“Hey guys!!” I said back with a big smile on my face. “Won’t you please come in?”

They all started to laugh, and one by one filed into the house, but not first without each of them giving me a hug. I can already tell this was going to be an amazing day.


Niall’s P.O.V.

We slowly drove down the road, looking for the correct house number from the address.

“This is it! This blue one right here, Lou.” I yelled out.

“Righty-O Nialler!” Louis said back to me.

Louis pulled into the driveway and parked behind a dark blue Jeep. We all piled out of the car.

“This place is absolutely adorable!” Perrie squealed. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her.

I open the trunk of the car and my eyes immediately land on my guitar. I have to bring my guitar with me; it usually goes everywhere I go. I just love to bust out my guitar and play a song. That’s just how I am.

But I didn’t grab my guitar. Instead, I grabbed the big bag filled with our beach towels and sun-lotion, then closed the trunk door.

“C’mon lads!” Harry yelled, and then ran up to the front door of the house. I watch as Harry rang the doorbell and then looked back at us with an evil smile spread across his face. He turned back to face the door and started to ring the doorbell furiously; hitting the button multiple times, as fast as he could.

I started to hysterically laugh, as well as Louis and Zayn.

“Harry!” Liam yelled. “Don’t do that!! That’s rude!”

‘There goes Liam being “Daddy Directioner” again!’ I thought. I laughed again at the thought of that.

“Harry! Stop!” Liam said as he grabbed Harry’s hand and held onto it. We all walked up behind the two of them and stood there, waiting for one of the girls to answer the door. Not a second later the door opened and a smiling Sarah appeared in the doorway.

“HELLLLOOOO!!” We, as a big group, said in unison.

“Hey guys!!” Sarah said back. “Won’t you please come in?”

Everyone started to laugh. I watched as Harry gave Sarah a big hug and when he pulled away, they shared a glance and a smile. We all filed in after Harry, stopping to give Sarah a hug, then stand and wait in what looked to be their living room. I looked around the house. When you enter through the front door, there is a living room to the left and then a kitchen towards the back of the house. There were some glass doors that were open and I could see the beach right there. I look back the other way and see a hallway with a couple of doors. I can only assume that those doors are the girls’ bedrooms.

But as I was looking around at the house, I noticed that Rebecca was no where to be found. I look around again at everybody standing in the living room. Everybody was involved in a conversation and didn’t seem to be paying much attention to me. I peer into the kitchen and didn’t see her. I stand on my tippy-toes, thinking that maybe Rebecca was outside. I didn’t see her there either.

I guess Sarah saw me looking for something and figured out what I was looking for because she said something to me.

“Niall?” I heard Sarah say softly behind me. I felt myself blush for being caught in the act. I turn around to face her. She smiled at me. “Rebecca is coming. She is just getting dressed.” I smiled at her and nodded my head.

I felt someone’s eyes staring at me. I look up to see Zayn looking at me. He winked at me and smiled. I smiled back and looked down chuckling.

Just then I heard a door open and close. I look up again and down the hallway. I see Rebecca looking down and fumbling with her shirt. She looks up and smiles at me when she sees that I am already looking at her. I smile back at her. Rebecca starts to walk towards me.

“Hey!” She says in a sweet tone with a smile across her face.

“Hi!” I say back to her. I drop the bag I was holding on the floor and wrapped my arms around her. I feel her arms wrap tightly around my neck. I love this feeling. The feeling of her warm embrace. It was just wonderful.

We pull away from each other and smile.

“There she is!” I hear Liam say. Rebecca looks over at him and smiles. I watch her as she walks over to Liam and gives him a hug. Rebecca then goes around and says hello to everyone else giving them hugs as well.

“Rebecca, I love the house. It’s so cozy.” Perrie said with a smile.

“Thank you, Perrie!” Rebecca said back with a smile as well. “But I think you will really love the view out back.”

“Well… chips are on the kitchen table, fruit is in the fridge, and drinks are in the cooler out back. Please help yourselves!” Sarah said. We all nodded in understanding.

Rebecca looked at me and smiled, then looked back around at everyone else. “Now! Who is ready for a fun day in the sun!” Rebecca chuckled.

“WOOOO HOOOO!!” We all screamed.





A/N: Hey peeeppps!! Thanks so much for all the reads! OMG 328 is absolutely awesome! I am so sorry for not updating in so long. My computer wasn't working and then I had midterms. Ugh. I hope everyone's midterms went okay for you. What did you guys think of that 'twitter war' between Liam and Tyler? Got a bit crazy. Anyway, enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Would really love to hear back from you guys. Can I ask a favor and get a couple more likes and/or favorites for my story? It would mean the world to me if you could!! Thanks lovelies! I will definitely try and get another chapter or two up here by tonight depending on how long it takes me to write them. I have no school! WOOO HOOO! SNOW DAY!! Thank you everyone and enjoy!

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P.S. Anyone else really excited for Little Mix's new album Salute??!! I am flippin' out!! Tee hee. :D


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