Tour Direction

*Sequel to 'Camp Direction'* The band Dangerous has been away from everything a band usually does for months. All they've been doing is going to school and missing their boyfriends. Who just happen to form the band One Direction. The boys have big news to tell the girls, how will they tell them?


21. Time Alone

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

~Olivia's POV~

"These concerts have been amazing but also super tiring," I smile and snuggle into Liam.

"You'll be alright babe," Liam kisses the top of my head. "There's only 15 left."

"That's quite a lot."

"It's not too bad. Soon you'll be doing tons more than that. Hopefully next year you'll be traveling the world like we will be and sell out arenas."

"That would be pretty awesome. How will we see you guys though?"

"We'll figure something out. Don't worry."

"We have to graduate school and then move in with you guys, don't forget."

"Is that this winter?"

"Yup. Hope your ready to have me living with you."

"Oh, I'm so ready. The house will be ready before winter rolls around and you can help design it."

"That sounds nice," I smile.

"Plus, we'll be able to spend a lot more time together."

"That sounds heavenly."

"I love you, Livy."

"I love you Liam. I'm glad we met and I'm so glad we're together."

"Same here."

*The Next Day*

~Sarah's POV~

"We could do anything, but you want me to draw you," Zayn chuckles.

"Yeah," I smile. "Hey, at least we're alone together."

"It is nice. I've missed you."

"Don't get all sappy on me, Malik," I laugh. "You're the bad boy. Not super lover boy."

"The bad boy image is for media and such. I want to be all lovey for my girlfriend in private though."

I smile, "You'll always be like that. And that's a reason why I love you."

"I love that you are badass everywhere. You don't care what anyone thinks. That's one great quality about you."

"Oh, thanks so much, lover boy," I laugh.

"Oh, don't tease me," he smiles.

"Think I can, and I will."

"Do you want this drawing of you to be nice?"

"Oh, don't be mean, Zayn," I pout. "You love me."

"That is true. But that doesn't mean I can joke around a bit. Should I give you big feet? Big hair? Or what?"

"Normal everything," I get up and sit next to him on the couch. "You big softy." I snuggle into his side. Not even daring to look at the drawing Zayn is doing of me.

"Whatever. You know I'm bad."

"I love you Zayn. I'm glad we could spend time together."

"Me too. I love you Sarah. It's not often we have alone time. I'm glad we did today."

"Don't make me call you a softy again," I smile.

"I'll get back to drawing."

*The Next Night*

~Amber's POV~

"Hello Mexico City!" I exclaim.

The crowd replies with screams.

"We loved all the poems you sent us yesterday," Delaney says.

"It was hard to pick you to follow," Olivia says.

"But we realized there's a lot more contests we are going to do," Emily says. "Plus follow sprees now and again. So it'll be fine in the end."

"Anyways, we've got to get back to our songs," Sarah says. "But we'll talk later."

"Alright, let's go girls," I smile. "Agents, make some noise!"

The crowd goes wild and I can't believe we've made it. We might not be as famous as we could be, but it is so surreal where we are now. Of course I smile.


Hey readers. I am so sorry for not posting in so long. I'm back now, for some time. I left because I had no motivation to do anything. After a calming week in Vegas, my mind is cleared and I want to post and write for this site again. Of course, I've branched out a bit. I'm now on Wattpad where I'll be posting updated stories of mine and stories that have never made it on here. My username is MaybeItsTheMusic. Anyways, thanks for sticking by and waiting for me. It means a lot. :D

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