Tour Direction

*Sequel to 'Camp Direction'* The band Dangerous has been away from everything a band usually does for months. All they've been doing is going to school and missing their boyfriends. Who just happen to form the band One Direction. The boys have big news to tell the girls, how will they tell them?


30. Start Of The Road Trip

*The Next Day-Evening*

"You weren't even home for that long," James pouts.

"I know," I mess with his hair. "We have to get you prepared for when we are gone next year. It'll be longer than just a month or so."

"You have to send us lots of pictures," Emmy says. "I want you to keep in contact more."

"Alright, I will. I'd love to take you someday. On a road trip or to a concert in a new country."

"That would be awesome," James smiles. "Are you going to take anyone on your tour next year?"

"We've been thinking about it," I nod a few times. "And we're going to ask Before You Exit if they'd like to open for us."

"Aren't they getting bigger? Shouldn't they do a tour of their own?" Emmy asks.

"They are really known in America and slightly in other places. But, we're going to make them even more know. Get them up to our level. They're good enough to be as famous as us."

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

"This is going to be so much fun," I smile as I put my car on cruise control. "A road trip with my best friends in the world. I'm so excited."

"I wonder if the other car is doing alright," Delaney says.

"They're probably jamming out to music turned up way too loud," Emily says. "Sarah likes it that way."

"She's a bit crazy, isn't she?" Harry asks.

"A bit crazy?" I laugh. "She's a lot crazy. She's the reason we are Dangerous and not Safety or something."

"Most days we wonder how she isn't in prison or has hurt herself terribly," Delaney says. "But, I guess that's what we're here for. To make sure she doesn't do anything to crazy."

"So, on this trip we should look out for her?" Niall asks.

"Oh, there's no need," I smile as I turn on the radio. "We girls are always looking out for her. So you boys don't need to worry yourself about looking out for her. We've got it."

*The Next Day-Later Afternoon*

Today has been amazing. First we went to the Statue of Liberty. It was even more awesome then any picture could have shown. The view was amazing and the ferry ride over was a lot of fun. Then we went to Time Square and had a great time looking around at everything. We even ate lunch at a small café that was super cute and had really good food.

Now we are on the underground heading back to our hotel.

"You can sit down, Buttercup," Harry smiles down at me.

"I know," I nod. "But other people really need those seats," I grip the pole that's meant to keep you from falling. "And they don't look that clean."

"Aw, princess, do you need someone to carry you then?"

"Shut up, dick," I whisper to him. "I'm not a princess. I'd sit down, if I really wanted to. But I don't."

"Sorry, Buttercup. Just teasing."

I smile, "I know dork. I'm not stupid."

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

"Shopping," I quietly sing as I look through the band shirts and graphic tees.

"On the road again tomorrow," Emily says as she pulls out a shirt to really look at it. "Can I ask why you put me in your car?"

"You just did. But, I guess we are a bit closer. I feel we always have been. So, that's why."

"Oh, alright. So, should we finish shopping here and get back with everyone else?"

"Yeah. That's a good idea," I smile. "Let's hurry up."

*The Next Day-Late Morning*

"So, next we're heading to Myrtle Beach?" Niall asks.

"Yes," I answer. "Tomorrow that is. Sarah and I are pretty experienced drivers, but neither one of us likes to drive for too long."

"Where are we stopping?" Delaney asks.

"Not sure yet," I shrug. "Sarah said she'd decide. So once we get a call, we will know we are stopping soon."

"Will you let anyone else drive?" Emily joins in on asking me questions.

"Maybe," I smile. "I like driving though. And this is my car. Only if I'm super tired and can't keep my eyes open to drive."

"Why does Sarah get to decide where we stop?" Harry asks.

"Why are you guys asking so many questions?" I giggle. "I let her decide where we are stopping because I planned the whole trip. Done with the questions?"

*The Next Day-Morning*

I take a sip of my hot chocolate as I sit outside on the hotel's balcony. If I like coffee at all, that's what I'd be drinking. But I don't, so I'm not.

The sun has just risen, and I'm a bit antsy to get back on the road. This road trip is something I've been waiting to go on since school let out. All of us deserved a break from being Dangerous. We love being in the band, and we love all the fans for getting us here. It's just being in a spotlight can be hard for girls coming from a small town. Our Twitter contest on Monday reflects that in a way. We asked to describe one of us in a few words. It was interesting how people saw us. Not just girls in a band, but they described us as actual beings. With feelings and respected us. That's why I love our fans. Our Agents.

I take the last sip of my hot chocolate before I stand up and walk back into the hotel room.

Harry is softly snoring and sprawled out in the bed.

A smile forms on my face. That's the giant dork I love.


Hope you liked it! There will most likely be another one tonight. Will be up as soon as I can type it up. :D

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