Tour Direction

*Sequel to 'Camp Direction'* The band Dangerous has been away from everything a band usually does for months. All they've been doing is going to school and missing their boyfriends. Who just happen to form the band One Direction. The boys have big news to tell the girls, how will they tell them?


26. Scars

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

"This is nice," I smile as I snuggle into Harry's side as we lie in the hotel bed.

"It really is," Harry pulls me just a little bit closer. "A five day break and we haven't spent a lot of time together until today."

"I know," I sigh. "That's my fault. I'm sorry."

"No, Buttercup. It's not your fault. You wanted to have a drawing lesson from Zayn, and that was planned so long ago. And swimming was a great idea. I've missed seeing you in a bikini."

I giggle, "Alright, Curly Whirly. You are quite understanding."

"I try," he kisses the top of my head. "What are you going to do tomorrow?"

"Well, there's been a lot of pictures floating around where you can see my scars. And because of that, there are people claiming they know why they are there. Of course, they are all saying the same thing. Saying I used to cut, even though I've never said anything about my scars. It bugs me that people everywhere I go always jumped to the same conclusion. So, instead of sending a tweet that people might not even stop and read, and will be lost in the void. So, I'm going to make a video explaining it all. It'll be so much easier."

"That sounds like a great idea, Buttercup. I'll tweet out the video when it's up. I'll have all the boys tweet it out as well as the band account. Then you have your band mates tweet it out as well."

"Covering both fan bases so even more people can be reached. Nice idea, Curly."

*The Next Day-Evening*

"Hey guys," I blink rapidly to keep the tears from falling.

I've tried to film this video so many times now, and each time I've broken down and cried. It was so easy to tell Harry a year or so ago, but for some reason I can't tell a camera.

"Um, it's hard to talk about what I've been trying to film, all day. And yes, I've been trying to film all day. I have had to stop and restart because I'll break down crying." I feel a tear run down my cheek. "But if I start crying this time, well, I'm not stopping. You will see me as I am. And that's Amber. The singer and bass player," I sniffle. "But I'm also human. I have feelings, and they've been hurt. I've been seeing a lot of people claiming they know how I got these," I hold up my arms. My scars facing the camera. "Tons of you say you know the story. You all say I cut, and that is a lie. I have never self-harmed. These scars are a result of something terrible in my life. But not depression. It was an ex-boyfriend," I lower my arms. "I'm not going to say his name, he doesn't deserve any attention. He is a terrible person. Anyways," I hear my voice crack. "One day, a long time ago it seems, I was at a pool party with him." Tears have started steadily streaming down my face. "I broke up with him while we were inside. He might have been drunk. I'm not sure. But, he threw empty glass bottles at me. I tried to shield myself with my forearms. Pieces were lodged into my arms. It was quite painful, and is a memory I've tried to forget. But that's why I have scars. Not because I used to cut, but because I was attacked." I wipe the tears off my face. "Please, share this. I want the truth to be out. These are real tears and you can ask my band members or One Direction if I'm telling the truth. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out. I love you, Agents." I blow a kiss to the camera before standing up and stopping the recording.

I fall to my knees and my head falls into my hands, and I start bawling.

*The Next Day-Late Afternoon*

I've been curled up on the hotel bed as my Twitter has been blowing up all day. All about the video I put up explaining the truth behind my scars. It's amazing how many people have come around and are so supportive of me talking about something that I was clearly don't like talking about. Of course, some people don't believe me and think the tears are fake. So after looking through Twitter for a bit, I realized that the hateful things had started getting to me. So I turned off my phone and have been trying to cheer myself up.

It hasn't been working that well.

"Hey, Amber," Emily's voice breaks through my thoughts. Over these past few years, Emily and I have become closer. The whole band is close. With Delaney and Olivia being slightly closer, and Sarah is just able to float.

"Did I fuck up?" I ask. Realizing how dry my throat is.

"No, not at all. At least, I don't think so. What you did was super brave, and I know it was hard to do. People needed to know the truth. The girls, boys, and I have been on Twitter all day trying to answer questions and such. All the true Agents are helping us shut up the haters. We aren't asking you to come back on Twitter. In fact, stay away for a day or so more. But please, get out of bed. Come down and chill with the rest of us by the pool. We miss you."

I sit up, "I'll get out of bed. And I'll cheer up. Somehow. But, I think I'll stay up here for the rest of the day. If that's alright."

"Yeah, sure. That's fine. As long as you are ready for the concert tomorrow night, I think you're free to do whatever you want."

I smile, "Thanks Em. Tell the others I send so much love and you guys are awesome for what you are doing for me on Twitter."

"That's what friends are for," she smiles back. "And we're more than friends. We're a family."


Hope you liked it! Sorry it's a day late. There may be more today, and the chapters will become longer soon. :D

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