Tour Direction

*Sequel to 'Camp Direction'* The band Dangerous has been away from everything a band usually does for months. All they've been doing is going to school and missing their boyfriends. Who just happen to form the band One Direction. The boys have big news to tell the girls, how will they tell them?


36. Author's Note

And that is the end! I am so sorry it took so long to finish this. But, it is finally finished! It is shorter that Camp Direction, which kind of makes me sad, but that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

There's not much else I can really say. There will be one more book that I don't know when I will write up and post. I'm not gonna set any dates, but when I feel ready and have time, I'll let you know.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me as it took forever to post. Thank you so much for reading and enjoying this book. And thank you so much for liking any of my stories and giving me a reason to write. You are all amazing. :D

Oh, I don't know when I will post another story on here. I'm starting a proper series and I want to really have my focus on it. Of course, if I do write something, I will be sure to put it here. That's all I have to say. :D

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