Year one

An 11 year old boy Bryce receives a letter to Hogwarts. His siblings Dustin, Alex, Edmund, and Callum are all in different houses.Dustin is in Hufflepuff. Alex is in Slytherin. Edmund is in Gryffindor. Callum is in Ravenclaw. Bryce doesn't know what house he will be in but he hopes to be a Ravenclaw. This book is back during the time while Harry Potter is still at Hogwarts.


22. Unknown


Bryce's POV

It was almost impossible to figure her out at times. Honestly, if muggle detectives wanted a mystery, all they had to do was try to figure out Ray's thinking. One minute she's there, the next minute she's gone. When you wanted to find her, she was nowhere in sight, and when you were busy with something else, she was there. 

I wasn't watching where I was going, just moving forward, hoping I would be able to Ray, and bumped into someone my height. Something she was holding, judging by the long hair, fell on the ground. I bent down and picked it up, then handed it to her, hoping for a thank you. 

Instead, I was greeted by a hissing voice. "What is wrong with you? Don't you have eyes?" I looked up, hoping against hope.

It was Ray, anger burning in her eyes. There was something in her expression that surprised me. When she saw it was me, she relaxed a little..

"Oh, it's you. Shouldn't you be at dinner or something?" she asked suspiciously.

"Well, so should you!" I replied, sounding braver than I felt.

"Oh please. Are you seriously trying to boss me around?" 

"Whatever you want to think," I replied, trying to ignore how icy her tone had turned by the last words. "Were you........ Were you headed somewhere?" I asked after a moment's hesitation. I gestured at the book at her hand. I couldn't see it's name, but it was green.

"Oh, um, yeah. Studying with a friend." Her grip on the book tightened.

"Neville?" I asked. No matter how much everyone made fun of Neville, Ray loved hanging out with him. Lately, though, they wouldn't even greet each other, let alone partner up together. It was obvious they had fought, and I hoped they would patch things up. It didn't seem fair for Neville to lose one of his closest friends.

"No," she said, starting to sound nervous. "Another friend. I should get going." She dodged past me and quickly sped down the hallway, not giving me the chance to reply. I decided to head to dinner after a few minutes.


Ray's POV

It was almost hard to believe the exams had ended today. I was about to enter the library when I heard footsteps behind me. I quickly went in and closed the door, hoping I hadn't been noticed. After a few tense minutes, the footsteps faded away, and I relaxed. I went to the back of the library and found a note sitting on one of the desks. I sat down and began reading it.


Sorry. Can't come today. A little busy.


I crumpled it up. He could have told me in person. There was no need to do it on a piece of paper. And he hadn't even explained. Just said he was "a little busy." I cried out in frustration, and was about to get up when a voice behind me asked "Are you okay?"

I turned, heart racing, and quickly got up, remembering the self-defense moves the orphanage had taught. As I watched the figure approach, I wasn't happy to see Bryce. Not at all.

"Hey...." I replied warily.

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