Year one

An 11 year old boy Bryce receives a letter to Hogwarts. His siblings Dustin, Alex, Edmund, and Callum are all in different houses.Dustin is in Hufflepuff. Alex is in Slytherin. Edmund is in Gryffindor. Callum is in Ravenclaw. Bryce doesn't know what house he will be in but he hopes to be a Ravenclaw. This book is back during the time while Harry Potter is still at Hogwarts.


8. The Troll

"Quick, everyone to your houses, now!" Shouted the professors." There is a Troll in the dungeons, let the prefects take you to your house."

We all ran to Gryffindor tower as quick as we could. Ron's older brothers Fred and George were trying to keep all the first years entertained. This was the first time I had seen them. They weren't as bad as Ron described. Fred would hex George and then George would hex Fred. It was all funny until their prefect brother Percy told them to stop fooling around because this was a serious situation. He then said Harry, Ron, and Hermione were missing. Fred and George could care less and got into an argument with Percy. Neville and I decided to talk.

"I want to go looking for Ron, Hermione, and Harry" I said. "Cover for me if Edmund asks where I went."

" No" he said.

"Well then you can tell him his younger brother just went looking for a troll" I said. Neville looked at me amazed.

" Fine, just don't be killed, got it?" he replied.

 "Alright, alright."

"Bye," I got up and snuck out. There was a Professor in the hall, but I somehow snuck past them. As I made my way down to the dungeon, I heard a scream. It sounded like Hermione. Then, I heard Ron and Harry scream. That was weird. I knew they went after Hermione, but I never knew they found her. I heard Professor Dumbledore yell at them to back away from the troll. I knew is was unconscious because I heard it thud to the ground.

"What are you doing here?" someone yelled. I turned around, and it was Professor Snape! " One month detention with me, Bryce," he said.

"Yes Professor" I said.

"I will be sending a letter home to your parents about what you have done," he added angrily.

"Yes Professor," I repeated. I walked back to the common room. Edmund sat there angry. He started to yell at me, and all I could do was sit there. When he was done, Fred and George came over to me.

"Don't take it that hard mate" Fred said.

"Yeah! We've had loads worse from mum" George replied.

"Thanks guys" I mumbled as they walked away. That night everyone was ignoring me. Tomorrow will hopefully be better.


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