Year one

An 11 year old boy Bryce receives a letter to Hogwarts. His siblings Dustin, Alex, Edmund, and Callum are all in different houses.Dustin is in Hufflepuff. Alex is in Slytherin. Edmund is in Gryffindor. Callum is in Ravenclaw. Bryce doesn't know what house he will be in but he hopes to be a Ravenclaw. This book is back during the time while Harry Potter is still at Hogwarts.


29. epilogue


The end of the year wasn't very eventful. For me. Harry, Ron and Hermione had found some sort of stone. The teachers refused to tell anyone about it.

I had straitened every thing out with Ray. Neville and I found out we lived close to each other, so we would hang out during the summer. He hasn't got over his shyness yet. I'll be his only best friend for a while.

Alex had detention for the rest of the year. I kept Callum's secret about his girlfriend. He wanted to be the one to tell Mum and Dad. I even decided to keep Edmund's girlfriend to myself. Nothing much happened with Dustin.

This was my First Year. Year One.

Authors note.

Thank you everyone for support on this book. I don't think I'm going to write a sequel. Sorry. Thank you anyway. It's been fun. Bye for now.

Doctor Who 23

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