Better Than Words *a Niall Horan Fanfiction*

When Ellie falls in love with his neighbours son, she's terrified. Her family is neat and careful, while the Horan's are messy and loud. But what happens when she has to decide? Would she stay at home or run away to his neighbours house?


2. What are you doing here?!?

I'm sorry I haven't updated until now, I stayed at my beach house the whole month (it's summer here) and I really had no time to write a new chapter. I hope you like it! -Sophia

*Ellie's POV*

-My name is Niall Horan, I'm your neighbour. My family and I wanted to say hello and welcome to Mullingar!

Cutie! What can I answer? Thanks? That's too rude. I'll invite him in.

-Thank you Niall! My name is Ellie, do you want to come in?- I answered

* I will use N for Niall and E for Ellie :)*

N: I would love to, but I have a friend waiting for me at home. Do you want to come to my house instead?

E: Sure! Let me tell my dad before so he doesn't freak out. I'll be there in five!

I walked up the stairs and went looking for my dad. He was unpacking his clothes until he saw me. 

-Is everything ok? - he said

E: Yeah, I just came to tell you that our neighbour invited me to go to his house, so if you need me, you know were I am. I'll be back for dinner!

I went to my room and changed to these clothes:

I grabbed my phone and went next door. I knocked the door and Niall opened.

N: Hey! Come in!

I smiled to him and walked in. There were like 2 kids there, I guess that they are Niall siblings. (In this story Niall has 4 siblings).

N: These boys are George and Harry! They are the youngest in the family. I have an older sister called Alice and the oldest of all, Joel.

E: Big family! These boys are cute haha.

Niall smiled to me.

N: Lets go upstairs. My friend Harry is there.

E: So you have two Harry's at your house at the moment huh?

N: Yeah but everyone call my friend Harold.

E: Harold? I have a cousin name Harry and I call him Harold!

N: Really? 

E: Yeah

Niall opened his bedroom door and a curly hair popped up.

E: Harold?? What are you doing here?

H: Ellie? What are YOU doing here?

N: Wait, you guys know eachother?

H&E: We are cousins!!

E: I moved here today pumpkin!

H: I came for the whole year and I'm staying here Ellie belly!

E: Ellie belly? Where did that come from?

H: It rhymes :D

I giggled

E: I missed you Harold!!

H: I missed you too.

N: I'm sorry to interupt but is anyone hungry?


N: Lets go then!!


I have 0 inspiration today. I'm sorry. I hope you liked it though!

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