Midnight Memories

Harry is the new punk, Aria is the popular sweet girl, they meet at a party and there lives change, find out


6. You and I

I woke up with a horrible headache. I felt someones arms around me and turned around,  getting a shock. Harry, fuck fuck, harry. I didnt realise i was staring at him until he mumbled but i could hear "take a picture it will last longer", "i-i wasnt staring at you, i was staring at the clock, and um i think its time u went home" I said stuttering."im good" He said smirking. I hadnt known this guy for a day annd he was in my bed. "Will you go on a date with me" He blurt out, his cheeks reddening. "uh- i dunno harry, it might not be the best idea".  "Please, Aria one chance and if you dont like me then ill leave you alone" he said pouting. How can i say no. " Fine, but it better be good" He smiled, "you and I at 6 be ready" He said smirking and with that he got dressed and left, What the hell did i get myself into.

a filler x

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