Midnight Memories

Harry is the new punk, Aria is the popular sweet girl, they meet at a party and there lives change, find out


3. Story Of My Life

He wanted me to tell him about my story, my life. So I did, I told him the story of my life, I told him how my dad abused me, I told him about how my mum was drunk everynight and that was why i moved into my own place, I told him that I had scars and a record, I told him that I hated being popular and I told him that I hate my life, by the end I was crying, Then he told me the story of his life, How he was a teenage runaway, how he potrays a player but he isnt, How he used to do use drugs but quit, How he was so close to relapsing, he told me about his mum Anne and how she was the sweetest woman ever, he also told me about how he hates his stepdad and thats the reason he was a teengae runaway, he was 18, and I was 18. By the end of this we were hugging each other, in tears, but there was one thing i didnt tell him, the one thing that I hadnt told anyone.

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