Midnight Memories

Harry is the new punk, Aria is the popular sweet girl, they meet at a party and there lives change, find out


1. Best song ever

I just got back from my first senior day at school, with my best friend jade. I lived in a flat by myself, no one cared though and i prefered it then living with my parents. I had a party to go to in 2 hours so i had to get ready, the party didnt really start then but like getting there early. "Jade, whos throwing the party?" i asked unsure. " I think his name is louis tomlinson, hes like really hot" she replied wiggling her brows up and down while we both started laughing. It was a slut party, basiclly so i had no idea what to wear, i had nothing, so i went to the costume shop with jade, and We had a look around, jade chose a catwoman suit, but i still didnt know, i didnt even really want to dress up as a slut. I ended up getting a burlesque dancers costume and it had a built in push up bra, it was perfect. We payed and left for home, ewe had to go in 2 hours so we immediately got ready. When i put it on my boobs were nearly popping out ! I tightly curled my hair and put the fascinator in, i had to admit' i looked really good, but so did Jade. "dayum girl" Jade said' we both burst out laughing, i had underwear on and a corset basiclly. We drove to the address and realised that we took a lot longer to get ready, it wad 5:30, we knocked on the door and a guy with tatoos up and down his arm and a smallish messy quiff, blue eyes opened the door. "Hey Your a bit early" he said " Do you want to come help prepare for the party" He said confused. "SURE" Jade said fluttering her eyelashes, someone wants the D. He told us his name was Louis and he led us into the house, we started talking about random shit, and then there were multiple knocks at the door, guess the partys here. Louis opened the door and 25 people walked in. There was one boy, who caught my eye, he had curly brown hair, with a bandana tied in it, ans he had these wonderfull green orbs, i felt hypnotised, he smirked and statred walking towards me...

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