Midnight Memories

Harry is the new punk, Aria is the popular sweet girl, they meet at a party and there lives change, find out


2. Best song ever prt2

I saw him up walk up to me. I had never seen him before, and there was apparently a new kid at school.

"Hey babe, whats your name" He asks, winking at me. "A-aria" I say stuttering, wow, i never ever stutter.

"Wanna Dance babe" He says looking at me, smirking.  I decided to step up and be confident, there were alot of people already here, "Sure, but only if you can catch me" I whispered into his ear, running to the living room. He realised what I said and starting running after me, but i was faster. I ran around the living room teasing, knowing that he could see me, i turned around for a second and looked back, he wasnt there. Suddenly I felt two arms wrap around me and lift me up. "Gotcha" I heard HIM whisper seductively in my ear, carrying me into the middle of everyone dancing, He started to grind on me, and i did it back, I turned around and looked at him. We danced for a bout 1 hour to the bestest songs ever, when we decided to make up a game of truth and dare. We gathered up some people and started to play. Harry spinned the bottle and it landed on me, "truth or dare" he asked. "Dare" I said smirking. "I dare you to go into a room with me, and I can do whatever I want to you, you cant resist or deny it" He said waggling his brows. I hesitated, he might want me to ride him or give him pleasure but i said it. "Fine" I said, sighing. He took my hand while we heard "oooooooo's all around the room. We found a room and he sat me down. " What do you want me to do then?" I asked impatiently. "Dont worry i just want you to tell me about yourself" He said, taking an interest into what I had to say.

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