Finding Love

One Summer
One Band
One Old Memory
One Beach House
And Plenty of Mistakes.


1. Chapter 1: Best Song Ever

"And We Danced All Night To The Best Song Ever..."

Haley's POV

"We're here! We're finally here!" Sydney shrieks. She's getting overly excited about this. Just like every single year she does. "This is our fifth year to come to this house. I don't know why you're so excited." I say flatly, not trying to be rude, but just stating the fact. She just shrugs. I grab my suitcase and walk into the familiar house. I've been coming here my whole life. My best childhood memories were at this house. Falling down those stairs are how I broke my arm for the first time. I chuckle a little at the thought of it. Sydney and I share a room, we have for the past 5 years. I go and put my stuff in the slightly big room. Sydney walks in behind me and we put our stuff down. I look at the clock and it's almost midnight. We've been driving all day to get here. It's my Aunt's house. She comes down Spring Break and so we get the place over the summer. I always love just to get away from the small town I've grown up in. That small town I';ve had some of my worst and best memories. Like, my first date for example. It was going great, me and my boyfriend were just having a great time, but then I saw his friends sitting across the restraunt, laughing. Later I relized he was dared to go on that date with me and his friends were going to make him kiss me. It was humilating. I shrug it off then I hear Sydney playing music. Loudly. It was Selena Gomez, Hit the Lights. Sydney knows I love this song. I smile at her and she starts dancing around. I join in with her and sing along to the song. We laugh all night, just dancing, just for the fun of it.



HELLO! Sorry this chapter was sooo slow! :P ONE DIRECTION WILL BE COMING INTO IT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! :3

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