Don't break me

(Sequel to First love)

Valeria is a smart, pretty girl. She has fallen in love once but left him for someone else. Joseph. Valeria soon becomes good friends with One of Josephs best friends John. When Valeria and Joseph don't work out, who will John choose? Will he stay friends with Joseph, his best friend, or Valeria, a girl he only started talking to two weeks before? What will happen between the three of them? Will Val fall for John or go back to Joseph? Read to find out.


11. Jealous much?

Soon, I noticed how Joseph was acting. During reading, we separated into groups and all the advanced people went out into the hallway to read ahead. Joseph was also in that group. He kept looking at me and would look away every time I noticed. My two best friends- Ruhama and Dominique- were also in the group and they were teasing him about me and John. He got super mad. "Shut the hell up!" He practically yelled. Then at lunch, I was sitting across from John and Joseph was all the way on the other end of the table. He was glaring at me and John and after that I smiled and laughed more just to mess with him. 

This kept going on for about. Month. During that time, I found out from Ruhama that Joseph talked about me alot behind my back. He was pissed that's for sure. Ruhama told me that Joseph wanted to beat up John. Jealous much?! 

A few weeks later, during PE, we had a fire alarm thing. While we were walking outside I heard Dominique say my name only to turn around and see Ruhama, Joseph, and her talking. "Oh great" I said sarcastically. 

Outside I asked Ruhama what they were talking about. She denied it. "Okay, let me restate that. Tell me what you were talking about" I said. 

"Fine. I told him about you and John. But he's the one that brought you up." She said. She also told him some other stuff I can't remember. 

"Ugh this is just perfect" I said sarcastically. "Not only does he give me and John glares whenever we hangout but now he's gonna hate on John too!" 

They were bestfriends. I didn't want to break them apart. No matter how much I hated Joseph. 

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