Don't break me

(Sequel to First love)

Valeria is a smart, pretty girl. She has fallen in love once but left him for someone else. Joseph. Valeria soon becomes good friends with One of Josephs best friends John. When Valeria and Joseph don't work out, who will John choose? Will he stay friends with Joseph, his best friend, or Valeria, a girl he only started talking to two weeks before? What will happen between the three of them? Will Val fall for John or go back to Joseph? Read to find out.


16. I didn't think u could do that to me anymore

On Thursday, in gifted, me and Dominique were sewing and making a skirt for her skit. Joseph decided to sit at the computer nearest to us and just watch. 


Before I go on, I just need to say one thing. I have been slightly liking Joseph for a while now. I can't help it. 


Ok , anyway, he sat at the computer nearest to us and just watched as we sewed. I felt uncomfortable under his stare but at the same time it felt comforting. 


When we came back to gifted at 2:40 pm., me and Dominique kept working on the skirt. Then Joseph came and told me that he pranked Shawn during class by pouring water on him and his work and he didn't get caught. I gave him a normal high five but it didn't end that way. 

It turned into the sort of high five where after you grab the person's hand for a split second and then let go. Except it was different for us. He grabbed my hand and it took me a second to notice and my automatic reaction was to tighten my hold of his hand in a don't-let-me-go sorta way. We looked into each other's eyes for a second and I got butterflies. I also felt the sparks fly. It felt... Well... Perfect. 

Yes, I'm very aware that I have John but, I don't know. We lost our spark. After all, he have been fighting a lot lately. And.. Well.. Me and Joseph have actually been getting along. 

Then, when I was signing people out, he kept passing me his pen and I passed back and every time out hands would slightly touch, I would get butterflies and I think he felt it too because he would stiffen up. 

I didn't think he could make me feel like that anymore. Well, now I know I'm really not over him.



hey guys, again sorry for the author's note but just wanted to remind you that this whole thing is real. Also what do you think I should do? Should I stay with John or go back to Joseph? I really need your advice guys. Don't be afraid to comment what you think. Thanks for reading this far! Bye loves ❤

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