My Best Friends Brother

Amaya and Kalli have been best friends ever since Pre-K. Niall Horan just happens to be Kalli's brother. Amaya thinks Niall is totally hot, but knows that her and Niall going out would ruin her and Kalli's friendship. Will the two stay reunited as best friends? Will Niall and Amaya fall in love? Find out in "My Best Friends Brother."
∞ A Niall Horan Fanfiction ∞


7. A/N♥️

Hey guys! Sorry I ended the chapter there, decided to let you potato cakes wait for the next chapter where the truth comes out! It's going to be crazy next chapter, I pwomise. And guys, sorry if I take long to update some of this! It's super duper hard to update with school, after school activities, and blah. But i'll try to update whenever I can for you guys! Love you all♥️

Xo, Myaaa*-;

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