My Best Friends Brother

Amaya and Kalli have been best friends ever since Pre-K. Niall Horan just happens to be Kalli's brother. Amaya thinks Niall is totally hot, but knows that her and Niall going out would ruin her and Kalli's friendship. Will the two stay reunited as best friends? Will Niall and Amaya fall in love? Find out in "My Best Friends Brother."
∞ A Niall Horan Fanfiction ∞


28. 23. What A Tease

( Amaya's P.O.V )

Pictures.. Pictures of me and Niall all over twitter. While we were at our park date, paparazzi must've been hiding behind some bushes or something because they had gotten pictures of me dancing with Niall, and Niall placing the necklace around my neck. Things like "Niall's new lover?" And "Are they more than friends?" Were marked in big letters over all of the pictures. Seeing the comments about the pictures is what kilt me. I continued scrolling down on the comments.

"@amayarosario , don't get your hopes up honey.. Your just another one night stand!"

"@amayarosario your so ugly, there's no way you could be dating Niall."

"@amayarosario he's just going to break your heart. He's famous, they all do that."

I could feel a hot tear roll down my cheek. How could everyone be so cruel and mean to leave comments like that?.. Or were they right?.. Would he really hurt me?

I suddenly heard a door creak, and I saw Niall coming out with only grey sweats and a white tank top that showed off his muscles incredibly. I almost forgot that I was basically crying at this point, but I soon remembered once Niall came over to me with worry in his eyes.

"What's the matter babe?.." He asked while putting his arm around my waist.

I just showed him my phone, and he scrolled through the comments.

"Babe, don't let any of them get to you. They're just jealous because I have the worlds most beautiful girl to call mines. They need to just suck it up." He put my phone down on the couch, and picked me up off of the couch, and gave me a warm hug.

"I just didn't think they could be so full of.. Hatred." I whispered in his ear.

"They'll get over themselves, don't worry.. Now how about we stay in today and watch some movies?"

"I'd love that." I wiped the tears that fell from my eyes, and Niall carried me all the way upstairs to his room, bridal style. He put me down on his bed and I giggled as he started to tickle me once again. Man, I wish I wasn't ticklish. Since I was only wearing Niall's shirt still from last night, I had made sure I pulled it down while he continued to tickle me so he couldn't see my underwear.

"I should take a shower first." I laughed.

"Okay babe, but make sure to just put on one of my shirts on.. You look so hot when you wear them, it's great." He bit his lip.

I rolled my eyes and laughed, but headed to the bathroom.


Once I finished showering, I wrapped myself in a towel and walked to Niall's room. Since I didn't have any bras or underwear here, and I decided not to use anymore of Kalli's, I decided to wear no bra underneath Niall's shirt and a pair of his boxers. He simply had no problem with it. I ran back to the bathroom to change since Niall peeked last time, and when I was done I put my hair into a braid and headed back to the room.

"You look so amazing in just my shirt and boxers.. It's quite amazing." His cheeks turned a bit pink.

I just blushed and laid down next to him. We stood the whole day and night watching Toy Story, Ghostbusters, and Jaws and even ordered ourselves some Chinese food.

"Today was great.. Just hanging out with you, eating Chinese, watching movies all day long." I said while laying my head on his chest and tracing his muscles with my fingertips.

"It really was.. I could do this everyday." He smiled down at me.

I glanced at the clock in his room, and noticed it was already 7:00 and Kalli still hasn't arrived back from being with Harry.

"Kalli's been gone all day.. What do you think her and Harry are up to?" I ask.

"She texted me a while ago, they were out all day shopping and stuff I guess. He just better watch himself with my little sister." I laughed at his comment.

The movie Jaws had still been playing, and I was still resting on Niall's chest. I decided to play around a bit with him. I sat up, and put my legs on both sides of his, basically straddling him.

"Mmm, your teasing me." Niall glanced up and down at my body.

"Why? Just because I only have your shirt.. And your boxers on?" I said with a smirk grazed on my face.

Niall slowly brought his hands to both of my legs and started to rub them smoothly. I brought my face up to his and began to kiss his jawline repeatedly. Leaving a trail of wet kisses down his neck.

"Mmm, Amaya.." Niall moaned.

I began to rock my hips into his and I could feel him become hard under me.

"You like that?" I whispered into his ear.

"Mhmm, fuck Amaya.."

I kissed him on his lips roughly, making my tongue into his mouth. I began to run my fingers through his hair, while I continued to rock back and forth.

All of a sudden, I could hear the door downstairs open, and I could hear Maura and Bobby talking.

I quickly hopped off of Niall's lap, and he tried pulling me back on.

"The door's locked, don't worry.. They won't bother knocking anyways." He begged.

"Niall, i'm not going to do this while your parents are here.. It's weird." I laughed and hopped off of him completely, laying on the side of him.

I could see him pout his lip and I giggled.

"There's always next time.." I whispered and he bit his lip at my seductive words.

"Sounds good to me.."

I kissed his nose and laid back.

"I'm tired." Niall said while throwing his shirt off of him and ruffling his hand through his hair.

"Me too."

"Let's get some rest." He pulled me more towards him, and wrapped his arms warmly around me.

"Goodnight baby, tomorrow I want to take you somewhere." Niall whispered to my ear.

"Goodnight and alright, sounds good." I smiled.

I quickly dozed off to sleep, wondering where he wanted to take me.

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