My Best Friends Brother

Amaya and Kalli have been best friends ever since Pre-K. Niall Horan just happens to be Kalli's brother. Amaya thinks Niall is totally hot, but knows that her and Niall going out would ruin her and Kalli's friendship. Will the two stay reunited as best friends? Will Niall and Amaya fall in love? Find out in "My Best Friends Brother."
∞ A Niall Horan Fanfiction ∞


3. 2. Good News

( Amaya's P.O.V )


"Kalli, to be perfectly honest.. I don't want to get that main role."


"How come?!"


"Because.. It's all lovey dovey. It's uncomfortable."


"If you didn't want the role.. Than why did you act out the lines SO damn good?!?!"


"Well, it's natural I guess.." I stated.


"Sorry to say, but with how good you did, I can tell that you're most likely getting that role as Alexia."


"Ugh, just great.."


We then went to all of our other classes and the rest of the day seemed to drag.


( Kalli's P.O.V )


As I walked into our cabin, I could see Amaya playing her guitar.


"Whatchaaa doing?" I asked.


"Just trying to come up with a new song to write. In music, we have to come up with a new song in just two weeks. Help me!"


"You know I would, but my musical background.. Who am I kidding? I don't even have a musical background!"


We bursted into laughter.


"But did you hear the good news?!" Amaya asked happily.


"Nope, what is it?!"


"All the students are getting a week off and get to go see their families!"


"O. M. G! Really?!"


"Yeah, our week starts in two more days!"


"We have to pack!" I yelled.


"I know!!"


This means I can go see my family.. This is great.


I immediately grabbed one of my suitcases and started to pack some of my belongings.


This week is gunna be the best!

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