My Best Friends Brother

Amaya and Kalli have been best friends ever since Pre-K. Niall Horan just happens to be Kalli's brother. Amaya thinks Niall is totally hot, but knows that her and Niall going out would ruin her and Kalli's friendship. Will the two stay reunited as best friends? Will Niall and Amaya fall in love? Find out in "My Best Friends Brother."
∞ A Niall Horan Fanfiction ∞


15. 12. Talking To Shawn

( Amaya's P.O.V )

I parked in the driveway to my house, and walked up to the door. As soon as I knocked, Shawn opened the door for me.

"Hey baby sis!" He squeezed me in a tight hug and picked me up from the ground.

"Hey." I laughed.

He put me down on the ground, and we walked inside. He shut the door behind him, and we sat on the kitchen stools.

"I'm hungry, please tell me you have something for me to eat." I l groaned.

"Sure, i'll make you a sandwich love. So, where were you all last night and this morning?" He asked while taking some bread out of a cabinet.

"A friends house, Kalli. You remember her right?"

"Oh, the one you always went trick or treating with!"

"Yes, that's correct." I giggled.

He started to make the sandwich while my stomach remained growling.

"Here you go, just the way you like it. With mustard, no cheese, turkey AND ham, and extra pickles." He laughed.

"Yay, thanks."

I quickly picked up the sandwich and took a huge bite out of it.

"Did you not eat at Kalli's?" He chuckled.

"Nope, we ran out of pancakes." I said while shoving my face with the delicious sandwich.

"Oh, I can see."

"Shut up."

Shawn went into the parlor while I finished my sandwich. I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and went to go sit in the parlor with him.

"Where's mom and dad?" I asked curiously.


"Oh, yeah."

He stood flicking through channels on the tv until he found a show to watch.

"So, sis.. What have you been up to?" He asked while looking over to me.

"Nothing much, mostly just school." I giggled.

"That's good.. any boyfriends?" He asked with a concerned face.

"No, no boyfriends."

"Alright, I wouldn't have to beat someone's ass for hurting my little Tigger."

I just laughed at him.

"What about you, any girlfriends?" I glance over to him with a smirk on my face.

"Well.. If you wanna call her that, them yeah." He laughed.

"TELL ME EVERYTHING!" I said while hopping closer to him.

"This girl.. Her names Alyssa, and we talk every here and there.. I met her right after me and my ex broke up. And we just started hanging out a lot, and one day.. Out of the blue, I just kissed her. And ever since we flirt a lot and send hearts and shit.. But yeah, I have a feeling me and her will start to go out soon.." He started to blush.

"Awwww! Ask her out then dummy!" I nudged his arm.

"I'm going to.. I'm just trying out to find a way to do it."

"Your asking her out, not proposing Shawny." I laughed.

"I know, I know.. But I want it to be.. Romantic."

Aw, my brothers too adorable.

"Take her on a boat ride."

"Huh?" He asked confused.

"Well, if I could chose a way to get asked out.. I would want it to be one a boat ride, ya know?"

"I actually don't. But it's a good idea." He chuckled.

"Duh, i'm a girl. I know some things."

"Thanks sis, i'm going to take your advice."

"Anything for you Shawny pooooh." I laughed and hugged him.

While we were watching tv, I heard my phone ring from the kitchen island. I got up to go get it, and sat back down next to Shawn. I unlocked my phone, and had a text message.

From; *random number*

"Hey, it's me Niall. x"

I smiled at the sight of his name. I saved his number as a contact and replied back.

To; Nialler (:


I placed my phone next to me and continued to watch tv.

Niall texted back in about a minute and his name appeared on my lock screen causing Shawn to look. By his expression, I could tell he saw Niall's name.

"No boyfriend, huh?" He chuckled.

"He's Kalli's brother! Not a boyfriend." I laughed but blushed a little.

"Yeah yeah, watch yourself Tigger."

I just giggled and checked Niall's text.

From; Nialler (:

"Can I pick you up at 4, to take you somewhere? x"

I smiled and bit my lip and I think Shawn noticed because of his next remark.

"Tell that Niall kid to keep his dick in his pants."

I just died of laughter and shook my head.

"Your too much Shawny."

To; Nialler (:

"Of course, what should I wear? (:"

Within a few seconds, he replied back.

From; Nialler (:

"Something good for the weather! x"

I wondered where he'd be taking me.

To; Nialler (:

"Got it! My address is 200 Rose Lane, See you then(:"

From; Nialler (:

"See ya soon! x"

I checked the time on my phone and it was 2:30.

I decided to go upstairs and change into something else so I can bring Kalli back her clothes and undergarments. I stripped out of the dress, and started to look through my closet. Finding some denim high waisted shorts, I decided to pick that and a white rolling stones crop top with my red toms. I changed out of the undergarments and changed into mines and my outfit. I folded Kalli's clothes and placed it on top of my bed, so I remember to give it back.

I walked to the bathroom to apply some eye liner, mascara and a light lipstick on. I put my hair into a fishtail braid, and went back downstairs.

I sat back down on the couch, and continued to watch tv.

"Where are you heading to?" Shawn asked.

"With a friend." I smiled.

"That Niall kid, right?"

Damn, he's smart.


"Is he coming to pick you up?"


"Good, i'd like to meet him if you don't mind." He said with a smirk on his face.

"Actually, I do." I chuckled.

"Well, i'm still meeting him."


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