My Best Friends Brother

Amaya and Kalli have been best friends ever since Pre-K. Niall Horan just happens to be Kalli's brother. Amaya thinks Niall is totally hot, but knows that her and Niall going out would ruin her and Kalli's friendship. Will the two stay reunited as best friends? Will Niall and Amaya fall in love? Find out in "My Best Friends Brother."
∞ A Niall Horan Fanfiction ∞


12. 10. Change Of Minds

( Kalli's P.O.V )

I woke up and saw that Amaya wasn't by my side. Getting up, I decided to go downstairs to see if I found her. Once I got to the top of the stairs, I saw Niall holding a guitar with Amaya sitting right next to him.

Niall simply didn't understand our agreement.

"Good morning guys, what are you two up to?" I asked from the top of the stairs.

I could see Niall's face tense up a bit, but I honestly don't care. He isn't going to take my best friend from me. No way Jose.

"Good morning! And oh nothing much." Amaya said while laughing a little bit.

"Yeah, not much." Niall spoke with a different tone in his voice.

"Well alrighty then, i'll be right back."

I walked to the bathroom quickly to wash my face and brush my teeth.

I walked back downstairs and saw Niall making some freshly squeezed orange juice and Amaya starting on some pancakes.

"Um.. Niall, can you come help me find something real quick?" I lied.

"Can it wait? I'm actually pretty busy squeezing orangessss." Him and Amaya started to giggle.

"It can not wait."

"Oh, okay." He shrugged coming over to me and following me into the living room.

"What is it?" He asked with a frustrated look on his face.

"Why did I wake up to see you and Amaya on the couch together? I thought I told you not to fall for her Niall."

"You know what Kalli?.. I HAVEN'T fell for her. But so what if I did? I know I promised and all but don't you want me to be happy as your older brother? Wouldn't you want to see me with a smile on my face?"

He had a point..

"Of course Niall.. It's just an overprotective thing about my best friend. I've lost mostly everyone in my life, and i'm sure as hell not losing her. She's been my best friend ever since forever and always will be." I could feel my eyes start to tear up.

"I understand you.. But I would never take her away from you. But think about it.. Eventually she IS going to find someone she wants to be with, she'll be with them, and that other person might take her away from you. They might hurt her, make her feel not good enough, use her.. I wouldn't do any of that. I'd be so much better than that.. Please baby sister.. Give me a chance." His face had sincerity in it and I could tell he was serious.

He did have a point..

"Alright Niall, I'll give you a chance. Just don't screw it up. And don't take her everywhere you go.. She is MY best friend."

"You won't regret it sis.. And I won't. I love you Kallz, thanks a lot."

"Love you too Nialler."

He kissed my forehead and walked back to the kitchen with a huge smile on his face.

I think I made the right choice.

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