Manipulated Hearts

Louis is a boy with a big secret. He's experienced more than an eighteenyear old should. Emily is a independant seventeen year old with a horrendous past. What happens when Emily Young and Louis Tomlinson meet?


6. chapter six

Louis P.O.V. 

I sit on the couch at my house watching the clock. Noah said to leave my house at exactly 10:00 P.M. I stare at the clock. 9:59 P.M.

Time to leave. I stand up and walk out the front door. Walking down the stairs I feel hands cover my mouth and rope being tied around my wrists. Then I'm blindfolded.

I wake up in a strange room. Nothing covers my eyes. I look at my wrists to see that they're untied but the red marks prove that they were there. I know who did this. It's Noah. If he has something important to tell me he kidnaps me.

About five minutes later Noah comes in.

"Good to see you again." He laughs.

"Tell your goons not to tie the ropes so tight next time." I glare at him.

"I'll see what I can do." Noah is about two years older than me and acts like he owns the world.

"What do you want?"

"I want you to set me and your friend Emily up on a date." He smiles.

"No way!" I shout.

"Relax. I'm talking about getting her into our business. You know, me telling you who to beat up. I want her to be your sidekick. Have her seduce them and then you can punch them."

"I'm not letting you near her." I grumble. 

"We'll see about that. You can go now." He laughs as I leave.

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