Just Dont leave

Sara never guessed she would meet Harry styles. or Kiddnaped by his bestfriend and get pegnet by him... what will Harry do when he finds out? must read!!


3. Running

once Zayn was done with he picked me up.and through me agenst the wall.. he got.dressed and walked out. I laid there in pain... 3 Days Latter; Every day Zayn would do the same thing. I was now aloud to walk around the hoise but only in my bra and under wear. "Im going to a party... stay here or you.know.what I will do." zayn said. I just smirked and left. once Zayn left the door.I heard his car drive off. thats weired normally.I would here the door lock. I walked over to it and the door swang open. I knew this was the chance ti run but I had to run fast befor he came back. I grabed a blanket and ran out the door.I was bearfooted and it was raining. i had know clue where to go. I looked upto see Zayn driving back fadt. I didnt have time to think I just knew I had to run. I ran where I jknew the car couldnt go. "All.find you slut!" I heard him call.I looked back for the sligtest secconed and turned around to.hit somebody... " Are you ok?" this guy with brown curly hair asked. I didnt replied I just stood there.like a fool crying. "Come with me" he said
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