Just Dont leave

Sara never guessed she would meet Harry styles. or Kiddnaped by his bestfriend and get pegnet by him... what will Harry do when he finds out? must read!!


1. help me

"Hey Jess I got ro get home befor my foster dad finds out I snuck out... you know what he would do to me!" I told my best friend. "Ya, I know. One day I'm going to beat him up for all the things he has put you through.." Jess told me. "I belive you jess! sometimes.I wish I would just get kiddnaped!!!" "Tell me about it!" Jess said with a big smile on her face. We huged goodbye.and I left her house.. it was dark out and I lived about 5 blocks away. When I was walkinf I could sence there was a.car following me. I picked up my speed but could go that fast because because my foster dad pall twisted my ankle and it was still healing I.could her the car right behind me. I started to run it hurt so bad but then next thang.I knew I was takled to the ground. "HELP!!!!" I screamed. "Shut her up!" I heard a man say. and that was it.
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